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Buffalo City

Based in the Western New York area on the eastern shoreline of Lake Erie, the city of Buffalo offers you a lot of exciting sightseeing options based all around it. To begin with, you could visit the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and satiate your artistic cravings with the enticing pieces of contemporary, modern and pop art put up on display over here. If you wish to see some older architecture on display you could visit Parkside neighborhood and witness houses, a few of which date back to as old as in the 1890s. You could experience snowy winters or could explore the city in warm summers over here, based upon how you like the weather to be.

Visiting Buffalo

Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the major airport of the city that also serves air way for the popular Niagara Falls, besides several other regions. You can also visit the city by taking a train or by availing bus or car rental service from all nearby cities.

Coca-Cola Field

Home to Minor League baseball team, Coca Field is also regarded widely among the first of retro-styled stadiums that are based in city center all around the country. Boasting of real grass instead of artificial turf and other tempting features such as green seats, the stadium has created a unique stadium style that has since been followed in many other parts as well around the United States. Besides the games between April and September, you could also enjoy several other special events held here all year long.

Niagara Falls

Located about 20 miles to the northern region of the city of Buffalo, Niagara Falls is undoubtedly a perfect place to go for a day trip. Often regarded as one of the world's most exciting waterfalls, Niagara Falls is based in the middle of two countries and drops down between speeds of 20mph and 68mph. You could also go for Maid of the Mist tour via boat and also go for walk behind the falls, the options to have fun over here are available in plenty.

Forest Lawn

Despite being a cemetery in reality, Forest Lawn has been laid down so beautifully that many people including locals and tourists visit here to picnic, walk around and even jog. If you intend to experience its beauty firsthand it is recommended that you book your tour prior to your arrival so that you are able to check out all of its highlights with ease.

Shea's Performing Arts Center

If you wish to experience some Broadway entertainment while on your trip to the city this is the place where you really need to pay a visit. The theater is elegantly created from inside, and continued to be renovated for better, and with plush red seats and richly colored ceiling, the atmosphere in here is simply enlivening.

Buffalo Zoo

If wildlife always attracts you, you must make it a point to visit the Buffalo Zoo. Home to a variety of reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds, this zoo is majorly visited by locals mostly because of its two beautiful polar cubs that look just like innocent fur balls. You could go upon the rope bridge across the exhibit here to have a pictorial view of the alligators and turtles down below.

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