World’s most underrated yet totally Insta-worthy Beach Destinations

  • 18 June 2019

The real explorer is the one who dares to dive down into something undiscovered, unexplored and uncommon. And when it comes to traveling, there's no fun in checking out something the whole world is flocking towards. They might be worth seeing, but not new. That's why it can be an exciting idea to explore a great destination which might not be the highly talked about or most photographed, but definitely, it can give the kind of experience, which you might not find in those overrated, famous and most importantly crowded tourist destinations.

Check out these top 4 beach destinations that are worthy of more fame.


Capo Sant’Andrea Beach, Elba Island, Italy

The turquoise, crystal-clear water and the smooth, granite rocks that go right down to the sea, is what describes Capo Sant’Andrea - one of the most famous beaches in the Commune of Marciana. This 130 meters long stretch of golden sands with shallow water till quite far out with a soft, sandy seabed, makes it a great beach destination for kids and adults alike. But what makes it distinctive are the the granite mixed with orthoclase crystals cliffs at both sides termed as “cote piane” in Italian. These breathtaking rock formations around the Capo Sant’Andrea beach offer a mesmerizing view during spring when the fuchsia colored Hottentot Figs are in full bloom.


Curaçao Beach, Antilles, Netherlands

Curaçao can be termed as the Caribbean’s best-kept secret waiting to be unveiled. Curaçao is often over showed by its glamorized and popular counterpart Aruba when it comes to selecting the hot Caribbean vacation destination. Curacao offers an impressive bunch of 35 exotic beaches which are less crowded and more welcoming with year-round complacent weather. Curacao beaches offer the world’s best diving and snorkeling experience. This uninhabited and untouched beach beauty, off the coast of Curacao is truly a paradise offering some of the most incredible yet underrated beaches in the world.


Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece

The Greek Island, Zakynthos is a well-known summer resort in the Ionian Sea. It has been home to some of the hidden gems of Mediterranean since long. Navagio Beach is one of those beautiful Ionian Islands boasting mesmerizing white limestone cliffs on one side, and turquoise blue waters on the other, making it one of the stunning beach destinations for the beach lovers. Navagio beach is also the site of a 1980 shipwreck almost hidden in a sandy cove amidst the mounting cliffs, which can only be accessible by the boat. The natural beauty of Navagio makes it one of the great exotic yet unexplored beach destinations to check out.


The Zlatni Rat Beach, Bol, Croatia

The Zlatni Rat or the Golden Horn is one of the stunning beaches adoring the Croatian coastline. Also known as the pebbled beach formed by the accumulation of fine pebbles deposited around the underwater reef. What makes it interesting and unique is the way the tip of the beach changes its shape constantly due to the ever-changing directions of the sea winds, waves, and sea currents. This is a preserved area and one of the most sought-after beach spots for surfing, snorkeling, and swimming in this region.

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