Why you should explore the Magnificent Pacific Coast on a Train

  • 07 January 2019

The landscapes change from shady redwood forests to magnificent Cliffside views along the coast of California and give way to the winding Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington – the 1,337-mile long journey up the Pacific Coast in Amtrak’s Coast Starlight is an experience like nothing else in the world. It’s one of the Earth’s most scenic landscapes and you shouldn’t miss on the beautiful sceneries for anything. Not even for the fun of driving.


You can take the trip northbound from Los Angeles or southbound from Seattle. Both starting points operate one Coast Starlight train each day. With 28 stops along the full route, the trip takes about 35 hours. Yes, that’s a long trip but with your hands not glued to the wheel, you can fully enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the scenic coast. Keep the Coast Starlight schedule close so you don’t miss the magical views such as the seaside stretch between Oxnard and San Luis Obispo by lingering too long at any one station.



The train treks pass through the jagged coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington and allow you to adore stunning seaside mountains and temperate rainforest views. You can enjoy the picture-perfect sceneries from your window with a book in hand or head to the observation coach that has floor to ceiling windows for better views. Every turn that your train takes exposes you to spectacular landscapes like the intoxicating beauty of the imposing Mount Shasta and views of the sleepy town of Klamath Falls.


You can also customize your trip and book individual legs and include only those destinations that you wish to visit. Stop in San Francisco to walk down the remarkable steep streets or across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge; Stop in San Luis Obispo to indulge in unique outdoor activities and local craft beers; hop off in Los Angeles for the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign or San Diego for the scenic views of La Jolla’s beaches.


So why take the road when the train awaits? Travel in comfy, Wi-Fi equipped coaches where you can walk around anytime you need to stretch your legs, and sleep anytime without worrying about rest stops. Add in access to hot and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you’ve got a recipe for the trip of a lifetime on California’s coast.

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