Traveling With Pets Get Easier: Here Are Some Simple Tips To Follow

  • 20 March 2018

Many travelers find it quite hard to leave their pets at home while they are exploring new places. However, nothing is impossible these days. With proper planning and research, one can enjoy a memorable vacation with his/her pet. So, here are few things to know if you want to travel with your pet.


Proper planning and research

When you plan to take your pet along with you for a vacation you have to do proper research and planning. In many countries there are different protocols for traveling with pets. Some countries ask for tests and health certificates of the pets. In case if it is a dog get information if it can fly or not. The short nose dogs mostly have difficulty in breathing while on the flight. So all medical conditions of the pet, airline and destination protocols must be researched way ahead of the trip.


Crating your pet

Never feel bad about crating your pet while traveling. It is done only for a while and most of the time the pets especially dog do not cause any trouble. It is always suggested not to make your pet feel that the crate is a prison. Try to be positive about it so that your little pet doesn’t feels at ease. Make sure it is comfortable and devoid of anything that can hurt. Lastly if you have a dog make him exercise well before he goes into the crate as he would soon be inclined to rest.


Pet Carriers are Savior

If you have a small pet like rabbit, cat or dog you can easily carry them in the pet carriers. These are mostly backpacks in which the little pup is comfortably strapped. These carriers come in different sizes which ranges from small to extra-large. So, when you have these pet carriers you need not worry about being separated from them.


Food and Drink

When you are travelling with your pooch, do carry enough food and drinks so that you can feed him whenever he is hungry no matter you are. You can also tape the food and drink bowl at the top of your carriers so that he can eat when he is hungry without bothering you.


Keep your Pet calm

It is very essential to pet calm when you are traveling otherwise your vacation can turn into a nightmare. Bring with you the pet’s favorite toy like stuffed animal or bone. To keep him/her calm rub a little lavender oil in the spine region or base of the head.


Pet Friendly Hotels and Restaurants

There are many hotels that are pet friendly, so it is advised you book your stay there so that you do not face any trouble and be at peace. Even many restaurants welcome pets so going there would be the best idea without causing problems for others.

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