Traveling With A Toddler: Dos and Don’ts

  • 20 March 2018

Air travel can be hectic, more so if you are Traveling with a toddler. Often it has been noticed that infants feel uncomfortable while on the flight and are sleep deprived which makes them fussier. Constant wail of the toddlers can also disturb your co-passengers, which you wouldn’t want to happen. So, with a little planning, preparation, patience and the right gear you can tackle this problem. Here are few tips that can make your flight with your child a peaceful one.


Book your flight at the right time

When planning for your trip, book the flights at the time when your infant is most likely to sleep. If not let them play or exhaust them before the flight, so that they feel tired and fall off to sleep. This will ensure that your flight is peaceful and also let them get the required rest.


Select the Right Seat

Choosing the right seat is one of the main things that you should focus on. While booking the flights you can mention the seat preference and also you are traveling with a baby. If you are flying with your partner try taking separately to take turns with the baby. This gives both the partners to take rest. Another great way to avoid hassle is by taking is by buying one extra seat which can make your travel easier.


Pack Right

Always pack what you need for your trip. These days many companies are available that rent out baby gear. You can make use of them to avoid carrying to many things. Apart from this pack only the essential things you would require on flight in your carry-on bag. Do not try to make it heavier as you would also being carry the toddler.


Check before you Board

Before boarding the flight check the diaper. In case it is soiled you can easily change in the airport washroom instead of the cramped ones in the plane. Try to keep your child active before the flight so that they run out of energy soon.


Protecting his/her Ears

When on a flight especially during take-off and landing, most children face ear ache or it gets blocked. So the best way to avoid is by nursing them when the flight takes off or is about to land. You can also use his/her feeding bottle or pacifier as sucking on to something relieves from ear pressure.

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