Traveling Alone: Top 5 Tropical Destinations for Solo Travel

  • 13 September 2019

Traveling solo offers you the most rewarding experiences, coupled with a great deal of self-discovery and contentment. It allows you to explore places just the way you want without much planning. From taking complete control of your vacation to not compromising your schedules and preferences for anyone else gives you an upper hand. You can immerse in impromptu adventures around the world and travel independently wherever you want at your own pace.

While there are so many gorgeous places and cultural hotspots ideal for a solo trip, exploring tropical islands alone can be a gratifying and therapeutic experience with lots of alone time for soul searching amid nature and serenity. Whether you want to explore far-flung islands and beaches, and soak in the beauty of lush tropical greenery, or you just want to laze around sipping cocktails in the laidback island vibes, or meeting complete strangers and scuba diving in the most gorgeous reefs are in your mind, tropical destinations will offer you perfect itineraries to escape the grind of humdrum.


Great barrier Reef, Australia

From exploring the 74 exquisite Whitsunday islands and trekking the ancient Daintree Rainforest, and from unwinding in the luxury water villas of lush Hayman and Lizard Island to snorkeling and diving in the largest coral reef system in the world, there’s nothing like this living masterpiece called Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Cruise or dive in Michaelmas Cay or Agincourt Reef to witness the most exquisite reefs in Great Barrier Reef. Indulge in the glory of the best tropical life in Airlie Beach and the lagoons of Lizard Island adorned with eclectic wildlife, palm-fringed beaches, and bohemian charm.


The Seychelles, Africa

A tropical paradise festooned with chalky-white beaches, turquoise waters, abundant colorful marine life, palm trees backed by lush hills, Seychelles is nothing less than a fairytale. Although Seychelles is one of the world’s most sought-after honeymoon destinations, its spellbinding beaches, tropical forest and fabulous resorts offer a great solo vacation amid nature, tranquility and lot of recreational activities. Snorkel in the pink sand, granite boulders and coral reefs of La Digue or just unwind amid lush green trails of Mahe to get a remarkable tropical experience. The glorious Praslin Island with its picturesque beaches adorning palm trees, glassy waters, thick green jungle, and diverse wildlife will soothe your soul.


Bali, Indonesia

For solo travelers seeking a tropical vacation with spiritual contentment, Bali is one of the most stunning tropical destinations with mystical charm. With stunning rice paddies, gorgeous volcanic landscapes, ancient temples filled with fragrant incense, lush forests and lively beaches, Bali’s irresistible allure is sure to offer anyone the most rewarding yet soulful solo vacation.


Cook Islands, New Zealand

If you are looking for some alone time amid gleaming aqua lagoons, lush hills adorned with plush forests, awe-inspiring palm-fringed beaches, luxurious over-the-water villas, zesty seafood and some of the most friendliest hosts, Cook Islands can be your next exotic tropical vacation destination. Aitutaki, the gem of the Cook Islands is an archipelago of 15 stunning isles and the highlight of the Cook Island, famous for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and immersing in the laid back island vibes.


Negril, Costa Rica

Azure waters, emerald green rainforests, pristine white beaches, lavish over-the-water villas make Negril in Costa Rica a vibrant and luxurious island gateway –ideal for a fulfilling solo tropical vacation. Take a cruise tour through the protected waters of Negril Marine Park where you can satisfy the wanderlust in you by snorkeling in the intriguing coral reefs swarming with colorful fish. Or you can satiate the adrenaline junkie in you by zip-lining through the lush tropical rainforest. 

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