Travel Experts Say - Today Is The Best Age For Fliers

  • 07 March 2018

Airfare experts are saying that today is the Golden age of fliers. In the earlier days there was a thrill to take a flight but over the years, there have been major improvements in air travel. Nowadays people travel at more peace and without any hassle. Wondering what has changed? Then read on:

Better Deals

In the past, passengers hardly got any deals on airfares. But today air deals are quite common. The air fares mostly go down due to lower oil prices. Apart from these fliers now get good bargain on round trips, international flights, summer and winter offers and more. These deals have brought convenience for the people and they can also save a lot of money.

Sharp rise in Discounters

Getting discounts in air fares is something all fliers look forward to. And this has been possible due to the cut throat competition in the airlines industry. Newer the airline cheaper is the flight prices. To go ahead in the competition even the legacy carriers give heavy discount. Occasional sales are also quite common these days to attract the fliers.

Serving more destinations

Due to competition more and more airlines are expanding their operations across different parts of the globe. This has eased accessibility to many places and brought convenience to the people. Many airlines are now flying to Cuba, Caribbean destinations and other places around the globe.

No more lost Bags

The cases of lost bags have reduced to a large extent nowadays and only because everything has become more systematic. According to US Bureau of Transportation the number of mishandled checked baggage rate has fallen last autumn 2.02 to 1000 passengers. It might have also reduced due to the bag fees which has led more and more people to fly with carry-ons.

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