• Angelica Caggiano

    Taking The Road Less Traveled With Emirates Airlines

    Saturday, October 6, 2018   |   1

    Traveling to a new place is like surprising yourself. And who doesn’t like surprises? You can escape to a destination tucked somewhere in Africa or the Middle East and create memories that last. Chances of getting disappoint in a popular vacation destination might be less, after these destinations are popular for a reason but there are so many mysteries to be solved, unique cultures to be experience

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  • Angelica Caggiano

    The scariest, craziest and the Most Awesome Halloween Celebrations

    Wednesday, September 5, 2018   |   1

    Halloween, the most “spooktacular” time of the year ushers in festivities across the country. People put on frightening masks, wear spooky costumes and devise innovative ways to scare one another on the night of 31st October. The festival, whose roots date back to 2000 years when Celtic Pagan’s first threw a feat to celebrate the end of the harvest season, is now a world-wide extravaganza.

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