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  • 15 May 2018


El Paso – Your Answer to An All Girls Action Packed Yet Quite and Budget Friendly Getaway


Far west in the U. S. state of Texas, El Paso is an adorable place that has a wide range of things to see and do for your gang of girls. Its unique desert landscapes provide you with the well-needed adrenaline rush and notable shopping and dining culture are just something you will love to experience all the times. Moreover, most of the things in this border town come at not-so-expensive rates. And if you are still wondering why El Paso should be your next getaway - here are your reasons:

Visit abandoned mines and caves

Are you girls up for some adventure? The nearby Franklin Mountains State Park, which is home to many caves can offer you with great experiences. The narrow tunnels will lead you to underground tunnels and along the way you can find several mineral veins. You can book your tours online in advance and also ask your hotel manager for suggestions.


Enjoy riding ATVs at Red Sands

Spread in about twenty-one miles, Red Sands is an attractive place known for ATV adventures. You can ride your own dirt bike or truck equipped with off-road tires through hundreds of winding trails and tiny sandhills. But the best way to enjoy your time here, especially if you want to keep it in your budget, is renting ATVs. Guided ATV tours are also available at Red Sands.


Go vineyard hopping

Visit a few vineyards perched along the periphery of El Paso with your girlfriends and taste some of the regions excellent wines. You all will love the popular sweet white wines and other sorts of wines that the vineries here create. Besides, the serene properties also make for perfect backdrops for your pictures. Though wine tasting in El Paso can be enjoyed throughout the year, it’s a must-do if you happen here in summers.


Savor some tex-mex dishes

El-Paso not only shares the border with Mexico but also has many cultural similarities with the neighbor. And that makes it a top spot in the United States for one-of-a-kind-flavors and dishes. So don’t miss out the opportunity to enjoy some incredible tex-mex dishes. If possible, try out some classic restaurants where even a simple carne asada is served with a distinctive twist.



El Paso’s Most Awaited Autumn Art Fest Is Here


2nd Annual Autumn Art Fest 2018 is all set to kick off from Sunland Art Gallery – the only co-op gallery in El Paso closed down in January 2017 and had since been dearly missed by the art lovers. But the members were not to give up and Rachel Davis, a beaded cross artist, decided to host an art show at her home.

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only

Same time last year (on September 23, 2017), Rachel along with her 17 fellow artists hosted an art fest at her home’s large yard. You will be glad to know that the 2nd Annual Autumn Art Fest is due this month on September 22. And on display will be a wide variety of artworks. SO don’t miss to be at the new venue where you would find the exceptional works of 18 talented artists under one roof.

The select artists in the art show include:

Rachel Davis (beaded crosses), Nina Eaton (photography), Lisa Williams (photography), Candy Mayer (painting), Lisa Matta Brown (painting), Alberto Escamilla (painting), Robert Dozal (painting), Dorian Clouser (painting), Julia Cipriano (jewelry), Rose Hines (jewelry), Catherine Waterhouse (jewelry), Romy Hawkins (Metal art), Audrey Alderete (ceramic yard art), Terry Avalos (Glass Yard Art), Cactus Mary (soaps), Dave Wieters (wood turning), Brenda Montoya (wreaths), Lisa Magnano-Craig (glass art), Lynda Carillo (designer organizers) and Terry Wright (mosaics).



3 Destinations in Texas Perfect for a Romantic Weekend Getaway


Is the ever increasing work stress and professional obligations hindering you to spend some quality time with your sweetheart? If yes, then here are some of the best romantic getaways in texas on a budget for you to take him/her this weekend. With vibrant nightlife options to calm and serene lakes, Texas makes sure that it caters to couples of varied interests and visiting one the below mentioned locations this weekend will make sure that you rejuvenate your love life to the fullest!


El Paso

Franklin Mountains State Park offers more than 100 miles of breathtaking trails for rock climbing, hiking, and biking. Walk hand in hand and explore several exotic animals at the El Paso zoo or maybe experience an enriching romantic picnic at the McKelligton Canyon and witness rock walls and boulders as old as 12,000 years. A classic date night at the Plaza Theater to end your day would be the perfect expression of love to make your loved one special.



Fredericksburg is again one city which is one among the many romantic getaways in texas on a budget. The enchanted rock in the city is a natural rock formation and an iconic landmark presenting the apt location to get down on your knees and make him/her yours forever. Take cozy strolls along the town square and compliment your significant other with gifts from several interesting and unique specialty shops. You can also savor different types of wine on the Fredericksburg Hill Country Wine Tour and get clicked some memorable photographs with picturesque Wildseed Farms serving as the backdrop.



When it comes to romantic weekend getaways from Dallas, there is no better place to visit but Austin. If you and your better half are looking for a fun-filled and a lively weekend, the city of Austin offers plethora of live music avenues and an extravagant nightlife scene to explore. Pick up a bottle of wine and share some intimate moments with your loved one on the Mount Bonnell peak, the highest point in Austin. You can also relish the beautiful landscape and rekindle your love on the tranquil the Lady Bird Lake by renting a swan shaped peddle boat.




Fun And Exciting El Paso Festivals to Catch in September

El Paso is a cool place to be at this September! Some of the most stellar El Paso Festivals and El Paso events are taking place. Many fun seekers have already landed in this border town, and many more are due. If you haven’t already made your tour arrangements, you got to hurry up since there are a lot many fun things to in El Paso you wouldn’t like to miss. From music lovers to bike enthusiasts, the festivals in El Paso appeal to a wide selection of travelers. And if you are wondering which ones to attend – we have hand-picked these 3 El Paso festivals to catch in September for you.

El Paso Chopin Music Festival

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only

Come and enjoy some excellent musical performances. The 24-year-old El Paso festival is known to host some of the world’s finest pianists. And this year is going to be no different! On the stage, you will have Eric Zuber, the recipient of many accolades on multiple international piano competitions such as Arthur Rubinstein, Cleveland, Dublin, Hones, Seoul, Sydney, and many more. The Chopin Music Festival will have Richard Dowling and Lucy Scarbrough on the following gigs (later in September and October).
Event Date: September 22, 2018.
Event Hours: 7 PM
Venue: Chamizal National Memorial Theatre, 800 S San Marcial St, El Paso, TX 79905
Admission: Free

The 4:44 Motorcycle Show

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only

The 4:44 Motorcycle Show witnesses a massive gathering of bikers and vendor from the Southwest and West Texas. This is just the right place where you can find the rarest of spare parts for your motorcycles and can also check out the upcoming technology and discoveries that may be changing the motorcycle world in the coming years. Among the most sought after El Paso Festivals to catch in September, The 4:44 Motorcycle Show will be featuring ten different categories of bike shows, and choppers, flat track racers, cafes, baggers and other sorts of bikes will make a good spectacle.
Event Date: September 8, 2018.
Event Hours: 12 PM – 10 PM
Venue: Epic Railyard Event Center, 2201 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901
Admission: $10 (Kids under 10 free)

2018 El Paso Space Festival

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only

Insights, El Paso Elks Lodge 187, and Boy Scout Troop 187 are presenting the first ever season of El Paso Space Festival. This El Paso event is a part of a nationwide educational celebration where you can learn about the amazing fields of earth and science. If space science and NASA researches intrigue you or you want to give your little ones some hands-on experience, this Space Festival deserves to be in your list of fun things to do in El Paso this September.
Event Date: September 29, 2018.
Event Hours: 10 PM – 2 PM
Venue: El Paso Elks Lodge 187, 2278 Trawood Dr (Suite C-E), El Paso TX 79935
Admission: $3 for online tickets and $5 for tickets at the door (hotdog, chips, and drink will be covered in the ticket price)




5 Awesome Things to do in El Paso During the Labor Day Weekend


El Paso is yet again set to enthrall anyone who sets foot in the city from 1st to 3rd September 2018. Like always, the city is to host awesome local events that will consist of movies, music, foods, drinks and loads of fun over the Labor Day Weekend. And that’s not all! Expect to enjoy and experience a lot more with our El Paso travel tips. Here are 5 exciting Labor Day activities in El Paso that you must not miss. So book your El Paso Labor Day flights if you haven’t already done so.

Harvest Wine Festival

The State Fair Grounds, El Paso becomes a city on its own for the three three-day holiday. Wineries from all around the state of Texas appear and offer visitors free samples. The fest also features food vendors, souvenir sellers, live music performances and more.

Mariachi Sundays

Mariachi Sundays is a much-loved event that you can enjoy during Labor Day weekend in El Paso with your entire family. Admission is free, and once you are at Speaking Rock in downtown El Paso where the fest is held every year, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and games. Mariachi is a great platform to understand and adore the authentic Mexican traditions. Also, enjoy live music and cheap beers.

City Spray Parks Celebrations

City Spray Parks celebrations are another reason for a Labor Day getaway in El Paso. The city is home to 8 spray parks that make this extended weekend fun for everyone despite the hot weather. Book El Paso Labor Day travel deals, pack some snacks, towels and clothes, and head to one of the parks as they all feature feature 15 to 30 rides, pools, playgrounds, etc. They all remain open for public from 10 am to 10 pm and charge no fee during these three days.

Western Playland’s Labor Day Weekend

The roller coaster rides at the Western Playland are a great way to begin your Labor Day celebration. The celebrations at this amusement park have grown bigger over the years, and it now features barbecues and live music to treat and entertain the visitors.

Minerpalooza 2018

Landed in El Paso a day early and not sure what to do? No problem, Minerpalooza 2018 that will be celebrated on August 31 has you covered. Join the exuberant campus community of UTEP and enjoy an adorable music lineup, delectable local eats and a lot more. You can also find discounts on El Paso Labor Day Airline Tickets by flying in a day early.

While most of the fest and events in El Paso are either free or almost free, some may cost you a good amount of money. You can subscribe to MyFlightSearch newsletters to find cheap El Paso Labor Day airline tickets.






Hottest Nightspots In El Paso To Party

El Paso’s nightlife is remarkably diverse! The city’s specialty is its Tejano music, also known as Texan-Mexican music. But the bars and clubs in the town also cater for fans of rock, jazz, country and other genres. You can visit Mesa and Cincinnati streets if you are short of time for these two streets have the greatest concentration of El Paso’s nightlife. And if you on the whole want to know which place to visit, here is our hand-picked list of the finest of the El Paso nightclubs.

Hope & Anchor


One of the best patio bars in the city, Hope & Anchor is everything you can ask for a fun night. Its two bar areas boast of a wide variety of featured and specialty drinks such as selection of beers, tequila, and mixed drinks. You can take one of the many picnic type tables in the patio or move around talking with your friends. The bar doesn’t have a dance floor but it plays nice music.

Hoppy Monk


If you love beer, Happy Monk is going to secure a spot in the list of your favorite places. This beer and cocktail bar features over 70 craft brews that can be enjoyed in their huge open patio. This late-night venue at North Mesa Street is also a great place if you need a bite to eat after a long, tiring day.


The Briar Patch


Sunday Funday, Trivia Mondays, Karaoke Tuesdays, and so much more; The Briar Patch is among the wildest nightspots in the city of El Paso. This friendly bar and club is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and significant other. They feature talented DJs, offer inexpensive drinks, and excellent customer service. You can dance the night away as well as play darts.

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How to Plan a Budget Friendly Labor Day Getaway to El Paso



On the border of Texas and Mexico, El Paso oozes with exciting festivals and events over the Labor Day Weekend. From the acclaimed Harvest Wine Festival to the vibrant Sun City Music Festival, the border town offers a host of things that can spellbind everyone. It can cost you a significant amount of money if you are planning to visit this border town on the three-day holiday weekend as it falls under the busiest season.  However, here are some tips that can help you strategize a budget-friendly Labor Day getaway to El Paso.


Save Money on Flight Bookings

It’s no secret that airfare covers a significant part of your travel budget. You can make your El Paso airline ticket reservations at least two to three months in advance to make sure that you don’t end up overpaying.  Another, simple way of bagging El Paso Labor Day flights deals is subscribing to the newsletters of at least a couple of online travel agencies so that you get notified whenever the airfares drop. These OTAs also offer all-inclusive, discount El Paso Labor Day Travel Deals that can save you some serious money on your overall trip.


Fly to El Paso in Low-Cost Airlines

Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest airlines are some of the low-cost airlines that fly to El Paso. If you can travel with a little less legroom as compared to major American air companies, these airlines can fetch you cheap Labor Day flights to El Paso. You can choose them over big names especially if the distance between your origin airport and the destination is just about couple of hours.


Pre-Book Airport Parking

Everyone is planning to make the most of this extended weekend. And the airport parking is going to be almost full. Thus, booking a parking on the travel date may be much more expensive.  If you wish to leave your car at the airport parking for the duration of your travel, make sure you pre-book your spot.


Use Public Transportation

If you succeed in finding cheap Labor Day Flights to El Paso, you can further stack up your savings using public transportation. A taxi ride till Hotels in El Paso may cost about $30 to $40, wherein standard buses (33 or 50) would cost a mere $1.50. Renting a car in El Paso can certainly be more relaxing that sharing a bus ride with many others but it may seriously compel you to dig deeper into your pockets. You can rely on public transportation for exploring the city as well. The circulator buses (4 and 9) are free and serve Downtown El Paso. But if you must have to rent a car in El Paso, make sure you compare the prices on the internet and discover affordable car rental deals in El Paso.


Check into affordable El Paso Hotels along Interstate 10

Avoid staying in West Side and East Side for the accommodation in these upscale districts can be very costly. Rather, you can book El Paso hotel rooms on I-10, a popular route that passes through the heart of the city. The cluster of hotels of hotels along I-10 feature lucrative El Paso Labor Day Hotel Deals to draw guests. Since you will be spending most of the Labor Day Weekend outside enjoying the various fests and events, it’s advisable to book budget Motels in El Paso or other affordable accommodation types rather than splurging on luxury hotels in El Paso.  



5 El Paso’s Festivals to Watch Out This June


On the United States-Mexico border, El Paso is known for its unique Mexican cuisines, and arts and music scene. And the combination is very well displayed in almost every festival and event that this city hosts. While the festivals in El Paso are abundant, June is one of the months when visitors can enjoy some of the most vibrant festivals. Here are 5 of the great festivals held in June that stands out from the crowd. Consider booking your cheap El Paso Flights and El Paso Airline Tickets in advance to find good bargains as the flights to El Paso may get expensive as these festivals approach.


Viva! El Paso

A much-loved outdoor musical extravaganza, Viva! El Paso will be celebrated in the gorgeous McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre from June 15 to July 28 on Fridays and Saturdays. The 41st season of the fest will start at 8 pm and through theater and song and dance performances it will take the visitors down the memory lane. The colorful festival celebrates the four cultures that have influenced the city fondly called the Sun City.

Mission Trail Art Market

Mission Trail Art Market is a fantastic art and craft event that is going to spellbind the visitors for the 10th time. From beautiful potteries to jewelry to sculptures to paintings to other decorative items, this El Paso’s premier art and craft sale features a multitude of things. Sweets and delicious dishes rejuvenate the visitors every time they are worn out of browsing through the arrays of shops and stalls. The market will be held at Main Street - San Elizario Historic District on June 17, 2018, between 11 am to 6 pm.

Boarder City Game Convention 2018

This 3-day event is for those who are up for unique games and activities. This premier tabletop gaming convention will be held between June 22, 2018, to June 24, 2018. It’s an excellent way to get to know the people and culture of El Paso and the nearby areas. The organizers, a local board game publishing company, call it an effort to unite people and promote a fun and friendly hobby.

Music Under the Stars Concerts presents Flor de Toloache

Between 7 pm to 7:30 pm, just before the concerts start, the little visitors of 5 to 11 year enjoy the free Junior Ranger Programs. And once the El Paso Music Under the Stars World Music Concert Series starts, it entertains thousands of visitors with live music. The Music Under the Stars Concerts can be easily summarized as a perfect family event. Visitors can enjoy different programs every week, and it’s free. Music Under the Stars Concerts presents Flor de Toloache is scheduled on June 24, 2018.

The Neon Paint Party

One of El Paso’s top music festival and the largest outdoor paint party, the Neon Paint Party is set to be celebrated on June 30, 2018. Over 6,000 visitors get armed with massive paint guns, combat with each other and enjoy water rides at Wet & Wild. Also, celebrity electronic DJs make this vibrant weave pool festival all the more fun.

All these festivals draw thousands of visitors from all across the United States. Thus if you wish to book El Paso flight ticket, make your El Paso flight reservations in advance. Booking early is one of the key tricks to find discounted El Paso flights if you are traveling to El Paso in May.



5 Reason Why You Should Visit El Paso at least once in a Lifetime


In the far western corner of Texas, El Paso is a one of its kind destination. Once a sleepy town, El Paso now bustles with natural wonders, unique entertainment venues and world-known barbecue. There are multiple reasons that draw hundreds of thousands of vacationers to this city in the Lone Star State called Texas. Also, almost all the major airlines offer flights to El Paso and connect it to different destinations in the United States and rest of the world. If you are on a budget and looking for cheap El Paso flights and El Paso Airline Tickets, consider making your El Paso flight reservations in advance. In this blog post, we are sharing five reasons that make it a must for you to visit El Paso at least once.

Outsized History

El Paso on the USA-Mexico border is rich in history that dates back thousands of years. The city is dotted with various historic sites that are no less than a gem for history buffs and anyone interested in the history of this border town. You can start your excursion from the Visitor Information Center where the Old Locomotive Number One is placed. This restored locomotive dates back to the early Railroad era of the United States. Then, allow El Paso Historic Mission Trail on the Lower Valley to introduce you to the culture and faith of the region’s settlers. Other must-visit El Paso landmarks include Fray Garcia Monument, a 14-foot bronze sculpture, Concordia Cemetery, also known as El Paso’s boot Hill, and El Paso Union Passenger, the first international train station in the country.


Mesmerizing Culture

El Paso, fondly called the Sun City, is a melting pot. It impeccably blends languages and cultures of the American West, colonial Mexico, and ancient Indigenous American tribes. You can visit Downtown and the booming Montecillo district, attend its various cultural events and festivals, and savor Tex-Mex cuisine. Everything you see, do, or savor will make you fall in love with this border town.

Incredible Outdoors

El Paso is an adobe for outdoorsy types. The city is huddled amid some of the best national state parks, and national parks, for example, the Chihuahuan Gardens and Nature Trail, Franklin Mountain State Park, and Hueco Tanks State Park. What’s more, the city boasts of year-round mild temperatures. If you fancy hiking, biking or mountain climbing at places with breathtaking backdrops; El Paso is your destination. The city and the surrounding area also have several campgrounds.

Vibrant Festivals

If you wish to experience everything the city of El Paso has to offer, attend its vibrant festivals. El Paso’s festivals are loaded with musical performances, and entertaining events. From Cool Canyon Nights to The Neon Paint Party to one of El Paso’s oldest Downtown Street Festival, the city offers every visitor a heavy dose of unique experiences. So make your El Paso flight booking to bask in good times.

Delectable Food

Tejanos (Spanish-speaking settlers) stayed in the city post-independence and a fine blend of American and Mexican cuisine, Tex-Mex cuisine, got evolved. Nachos, fajitas, queso, burritos and Flautas are just to name a few dishes you can’t afford not to taste. There are ample of eateries in every part of the city doling out the cherished foods to the food lovers.





Everything you need to Know about El Paso International Airport (ELP)

The gateway to the West Texas, El Paso International Airport provides air cargo, passenger, and general aviation services. The airport handles about 2.8 million tourists who fly into this one of the largest airports in the state of Texas for incredible outdoors such as hiking, biking, and mountain climbing. Talking of the city, El Paso also brims with several other attractions, including historic landmarks, world-class zoological parks, significant museums, and art galleries. So if these unique sightseeing opportunities and outdoors have already made you buy flight tickets to El Paso International Airport, here are some facts that you must know before you land intoEl Paso International Airport (ELP).


Top Airlines Serving ELP

The largest airport in West Texas, ELP is served by a plethora of national and international airlines that connect it to the rest of the world. If you are looking for cheap flights to El Paso International Airport, you can book with Low cost carriers serving El Paso International Airport such as Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines. If you love luxury, then your options are American Airlines, Delta and United.


Destinations directly connected to El Paso International Airport

Almost all the major national airlines have scheduled direct flights to El Paso International Airport from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Antonio. You can find indirect flights to El Paso from almost all the major destinations in the United States and rest of the world.


Where to Meet Passengers arriving in El Paso International Airport

If you are at the El Paso Airport to receive someone, you can meet your guest at the curb. However, please note that you can’t leave your car unattended at the curb as it’s not allowed for visitors to leave their vehicles stationary. You can also wait for your guests at the Cell Phone Lot till your passenger arrives and reclaims his baggage.


Lost Luggage El Paso International Airport

In case you lost your luggage on a flight to El Paso International Airport, or gate area, you will have to contact the airline. Airlines that operate flights to El Paso International Airport such as Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines and United will ask you to submit an online form for lost belongings. If you lost your luggage at a security checkpoint, you can contact the airport’s Transportation Security Administration. TSA is accessible on the airport’s official website. Luggage lost on other locations such as airport shuttle should be reported to the El Paso Police Department Lost & Found.


Shopping and Dining at El Paso International Airport

ELP has a lot to offer you if you are at the airport and have some time left before your flight or you wish to spend some time at the airport. The airport is home to two history galleries Galeria Zia Native Arts and Plaza News where you can find adorable collections of artifacts and images, on the Main Floor in the La Placita Shopping Center. For food and beverage, the airport has outlets of Burger King, Starbucks, Red Mango and more on the ground floor. Home Team Sports and Starbucks at Concourse A. Concourse B has the most number of eateries, including Pizza Hut, Quiznos, PGA Tour Grill, etc. A Best Buy Kiosk in Concourse A near Gate A1 and another in Concourse B near Gate B2 offer a wide range of portable electronic gadgets such as mp3 players, earphones, and more. A 24 hour Flower Kiosk in the meter/greeter area can be of your use if you forgot to bring flowers for your guest.




Tips to Save on El Paso Flights

Nestled in the western edge of Texas, across the border from Mexico, El Paso is a travel gem for people of varied interests. The Mexican influence on the city is evident through its lip-smacking spicy food. And furthermore, it’s lauded by adventure travelers, and nature enthusiasts for its amazing deserts and diverse flora and fauna. So pat your back if you have already chosen this spectacular city as your next travel destination. Then, move on to the planning part! Please note that El Paso International Airport is among the largest airports in West Texas in terms of handling number of visitors and flights to El Paso do not come cheap. But fret not, we have you covered. In this blog post, we will discuss some foolproof tips to save money on El Paso airline tickets.

Check Airfares Early and Often

Airlines keep changing their fares to El Paso, often more than once in a week. And flights to El Paso are no exception. The difference in airfares between the best day to make your purchase and the worst day can be hundreds of dollars. Clearly, timing is everything when it comes to El Paso flight reservations. To find a good El Paso Airfare deal, you should start checking the fares as soon as you know you will be traveling. Check the fares at least once a week to zero out on a good deal. Book when you see the price you like.

Know When to Book Your El Paso Airfares

You can save some serious cash if you know when to book your flight. You are more likely to end up overpaying if you book too early (5 months or more in advance) or too late (within 14 days from travel date). Booking your flights to El Paso between 3 to 4 months in advance is recommended for this is when El Paso airline tickets may be affordably priced. Though, it will also depend on the season you are traveling in. Consider booking 2 to 3 months in advance if you wish to visit El Paso during holidays or peak season.

Know Who to Book with

El Paso International Airport is the largest commercial airport in West Texas. The airport is served by a wide variety of airlines, including major airlines, low cost carriers, and ultra low cost carriers. If you can travel with a little less legroom and a few other amenities, you can save big with the many low cost airlines flight to low cost carriers. Not all OTAs feature these airlines so you can consider booking with their respective websites.Though you many have to give up some amenties, but traving with an Low Cost Airline to El Paso will save you big.

Be Flexible With Your El Paso Airline Ticket Reservation

You would have seen this in almost every post on the internet talking about tips to save money on El Paso flights. But trust me, this works. Be flexible with your travel date, origin and arrival airports to find best deals on flights to El Paso. You might be surprised to see the amount of difference in airfare on two consecutive days.

Plan Your El paso Trip Wisely

Avoid flying into El Paso during the holiday seasons as the city can be way too crowded and flights may be very expensive. Weather-wise, summers are the best months to explore El Paso as they boasts of the most favorable climate conditions for the vacationers. But these middle-year months are also the busiest months and El Paso airline tickets prices may skyrocket during this time. You can plan your trip in spring months when the weather remains pleasant, and airfares are considerably priced. However, if you aren’t just a summer traveler, visit El Paso in winters when you can still find a lot of things to do without overpaying for flights to El Paso.

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