Timeless Mother’s Day Gift for Moms who love to Travel

  • 05 April 2019

Mother’s Day is a momentous day of the year when you get that rare opportunity to nurture that extraordinary and priceless bond with your mother. This is one special occasion when you get to express your love by showing her how much you care for her. This time gift your mum an assortment of chic travel essentials that will make her want to go for that much needed getaway in style. Here are seven gift items that are sure to make her day all the more extraordinary.



A pair of stylish vintage-inspired sunglasses will make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. These retro sunglasses are timeless and classy and will make your mum feel chic and effortlessly fashionable whenever she steps out for her travel escapades.



Gift your mum floral yet feminine fragrance that will always remind her of this special day. Imagine her sailing on a cruise, relaxing by the beach or enjoying with her friends at a pool party. Go for an understated, sophisticated and a unique scent that she would love to use every time she travels.


Summer dress

An ideal floral summer dress with varying hues and subtle prints for your mum will get her into the wanderlust mode. Surprise her with a comfortable yet elegant summer dress that goes down well with her personal taste.


Beach Hat

A classic, wide-brimmed beach hat will add that extra oomph factor to your mum’s stylish ensemble. Look for an elegant beach hat with a faux leather band that lends a sophisticated touch. There are beach hats that come in various styles and colors. Opt for one that would be ideal for a poolside luxury vacation or simply one that she can wear while being on the move.


Locket Necklace

This one can really be personalized with a little bit of effort and thoughtfulness. Gift your mum a customized locket necklace which features her initials, birthstone or just another little trinket that would remind her of this special occasion and help her keep those priceless memories always close to her heart.


Travel handbag

Pamper your mum with a compact, functional yet stylish travel bag. She will be able to fit in all her cosmetics and other travel essentials in this travel bag while also being able to stuff souvenirs in the extra compartments. Look for a piece which is easy to carry around so that your mom can enjoy her travel with ease.



Make your mum feel all the more special this Mother’s Day by gifting her premium luxury watch which is sure to become a big hit. A quality waterproof and shock-proof luxury watch will also add up as a fashionable accessory with a style statement. X`

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