This stunning Italian Alpine town will pay you $10k to settle there!

  • 08 February 2019

Are you dreaming of escaping the rat race and settle in an idyllic Alpine Italian town? If yes, now might be the perfect time to move to Italy for forever.

The Italian town of Locana in the northern Piedmont region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland is offering $10K cash to settle there and have a baby to combat their dwindling population. Dotted with chestnut forests, snowcapped mountainous terrains, flower-strewn pastures, charming chapels, abandoned cottages, dairy farms, mills and copper mines, the town is a sight to behold.

The deal offered by the Mayor of the town, Giovanni Bruno Mattiet says that any families willing to relocate and settle and want to have a child with an annual minimum salary of €6,000 could be paid up to $10,000 over three years to aid them to settle in Locana. This measure has been taken in the wake of its diminishing population which has declined rapidly from having 7,000 residents in the early 1900s to around 1,500 right now. So, in the hope of reversing the evacuation of residents and saving the community from dying out the Mayor has appealed everyone including Italians and non-Italians living in Italy and abroad to settle here.

Locana is a scenic territory which sprawls across 51 square miles in the snowy peaks of the Gran Paradiso mountain reserve, offering fresh air and an abundance of outdoor activities including ice-skating, fishing, trekking, rock climbing, swimming, soccer, and tennis. The charming town is known for a great culinary scene, healthy lifestyle and hosting folklore fairs all the year round. Anyone willing to settle here can rest assured about low-taxes, great quality lifestyle, affordable services, abundant resources among many other amenities.

Even if you don’t plan on moving there, you can always book a flight and enjoy a vacation! 

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