Taking The Road Less Traveled With Emirates Airlines

  • 06 October 2018

Traveling to a new place is a great way to surprise yourself. And who doesn’t like surprises? You can escape to a destination tucked somewhere in Africa or the Middle East and create memories that last a lifetime. Traditional vacation destinations can be the safe choice and are certainly popular for a reason but there are many mysteries to be solved, unique cultures to be experienced, perfect pictures to be captured, and culinary delights to be savored when you exit the beaten path. Why visit the same old location over and over again? Step out and head towards the unknown. The thrill of being alive can be experienced only when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Even the basics of visiting an off-the-beaten-path location can be tough. Sometimes something as simple as finding a flight can be difficult. There are very few airlines that provide flights to every corner of the planet, but Emirates is one of them. So we have compiled a list of off-the-beaten destinations you can reach with an Emirates airline ticket.


Luanda, Angola

Luanda, the capital of Angola, is an affluent city perched on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. You will find construction and development projects happening everywhere across the city. Since the city’s business industry is thriving, it can be quite expensive; but don’t let that discourage you from traveling to Luanda. From a spectacular yellow building that was to be shipped to Madagascar by boat but was brought to Angola’s Skelton Coast by drifts to the National Museum of Slavery, which is located at the site where slaves were baptized before leaving to the USA in ships, to various modern tourist attractions, Luanda holds various travel gems for visitors. Luanda is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but with low-cost Emirates flights you can plan a trip and explore without exceeding your budget. Book any of a number of hotels near Luanda City Center, which is close to the airport as well as to some of the city’s most famous restaurants, spas, and other amenities and attractions.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is in Azerbaijan, one of the lesser-known countries in Eurasia. An oil-rich nation, it has attracted business people from all over Europe, and these visitors brought with them their culture and architecture. That’s why you see buildings and towers in Azerbaijan that will remind you of London, Paris, and Rome. The most notable of all the buildings in Baku is the Flame Towers, the flame-shaped towers that dominate the city’s skyline. Traffic in the city at times can be difficult, but Emirates’ online check-in can make up for that by allowing you to avoid long queues at the airport. Most of the people visit Baku for business or sporting events, but the city has much more to offer. It features a vibrant downtown, lively nightlife, and tons of cultural activities. The locals are amiable and often wave at tourists with smiles, but always be aware of the costs of goods and services. Hotels in Central Baku are perfect to experience the sights and sounds of the city. The hotels in this part of the city are comfortable, offer value for your money, and are close to Fountain Square and other famous sites. 

Algiers, Algeria

The capital and the largest city of Algeria, Algiers is another gem of a destination that is often overlooked by travelers. The city had a checkered past, but it has come out of it admirably. Algiers is now a culturally diverse city with influences of French, Islamic and other communities. Its cityscape and architecture are a treat for shutterbugs, and foodies will love the cuisines of northern Africa served in local restaurants. It also has historical sites like Casbah and Medina that offer an experience of religiously significant sites. You can use Emirates online booking to explore this bustling city. Mohammadia is an ideal neighborhood in Algiers for travelers to stay. Hotels in this well-off community are close to various tourist attractions and the acclaimed Exhibition Palace.

Khartoum, Sudan

Khartoum is where White Nile and Blue Nile Rivers unite. The confluence of the two rivers itself is a major tourist attraction where you can witness the two different colored rivers coming together, flowing together for a short distance and then being united. Nile Street with the Blue Nile on one side is among the prettiest streets in the country. It has some colonial buildings, a modern egg-shaped tower, and the Sudanese National Museum. Khartoum is alcohol-free, but most of the cafes serve non-alcoholic beers. Emirates flight reservations, however, provide you with great beverages on your flights to and from Khartoum. The city is among the safest in Africa, but it’s always wise to not leave your valuables unattended or in a car. Downtown Khartoum offers a varied selection of hotels. The district is walkable and has marketplaces, cafes, and many other traveler attractions within a few blocks.

So what are you waiting for? Plan that escape to any of these destinations for an action-packed getaway. Since airfares are not getting any cheaper, our team of travel experts has compiled a list of tips to help you fetch that illusive cheap flight to one of these amazing destinations.


Tips to Book Cheap Emirates Flight Tickets


Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and one of the largest airlines in the world. The premier carrier offers unmatchable inflight services and amenities and thus it’s impractical to think that it would offer a huge price cut. However, travelers still score Emirates Airlines reservations at affordable rates. It’s about how and when you book Emirates flight tickets. If you love traveling with Emirates Airlines but wondering how you can find a flight in your budget – here are some tips for you.


Avoid traveling in peak travel seasons


If you wish to fly to any of your favorite destinations in Emirates flights, choose your travel dates carefully. Travel when the weather is temperate and not too many tourists flock into the city. You can refer to various travel websites on the internet to find the cheapest seasons to visit any city in the world and also know the perks of traveling in the shoulder months.


Find tickets available due to cancellations


Last minute cancelations can make Emirates airline tickets affordable for you. Though they are rare, they can be spotted and taken advantage of during off seasons. You must be flexible with your travel dates and ready to fly at any day and time to be able to save with cheap Emirates flights available due to cancellations.


Sign up for newsletter


Signing up for Emirates newsletters is a smart way of tracking flight fares. You can sign up for newsletters using your email and start receiving discounts Emirates deals, new products, and other special offers to your inbox. Book your flight tickets immediately after you receive a decent deal as they might not last for a long time.


Join Emirates Skywards


You can become a Blue Member of Emirates Skywards, Emirates’ loyalty program, for free and then advance to Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. These four tiers come with a wide range of benefits that include cheap tickets with Emirates Airlines and its partners, discounts in in-flight amenities, hotel stays, and car rentals, and a lot more. If you love traveling with Emirates, signing up for its mileage program can offer you a plethora of benefits.


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