Must-Visit James Bond Movie Locations For All 007 Fans

  • 06 March 2018

“The name is Bond. James Bond.”- Sean Connery as James Bond from Dr. No (1962)

Agent Code# 007, British Spy James Bond is possibly one of the most influential fictional characters that have been creating ripples among the fandom since the 1950’s. Brought alive numerous times on the silver screens by multiple Actors through scripts based on Ian Fleming’s Stories, James Bond is a now a symbol of Fashion, Intelligence and Dream Lover. So Bond fans, here are 5 awesome James Bond movie locations you just can’t miss.


Regent Street, London

The location where the famous chase scene was filmed in the 1995 Bond Movie-The Golden Eye

Home to the British Spy, Regent Street from London is our first pick for the best Bond Destinations. With a neighborhood that dates back to early 1800, Regent Street is one of the most famous and oldest street of the British Capital; lined by some of the most magnificent of Gregorian architectures in London, and wide galore of shops that makes it a shopper’s paradise. To add to all the excitement, it is also the spot where the famous chase scene was filmed in the 1995 Bond Movie-The Golden Eye. Famous for the Victorian marvels and the shopping hubs, a stroll down the Street is surely going to call for a memorable tour.


Hotel Fountainebleau, Miami

The hotel where James Bond checks in under the pretext of a little R&R in the movie "Goldfinger"

Established in 1954, the Fountainebleau was the most iconic and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world back then, with its sprawling size, awe-inspiring architecture and state of the art décor. Distinctly recognizable even to this day from a sky view of the Miami Beach, the hotel was chosen as a destination for the 1964 Bond Movie The Goldfinger starring Sean Connery as the Agent 007. A visit to the Fountainebleau on your trip to Miami is a must if you are in for some real luxury hotel experience, or to enjoy a spa at the hotel like Bond.


Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

The scene where Bond engage in a deadly fight with international criminals in the movie “Casino Royale”

The 16th century Benedictine church, designed by Andrea Palladio on the banks of Venice, is one of the most beautiful churches in Italy and is a major hub for tourists for its architectural splendor. What makes this church more special is when it became a bond destination for a scene in the 2006 Bond Movie-Casino Royale. Daniel Craig, starring as James Bond in the movie had a little scene of deadly combat with the villains, in front of the church making it one of our favorite Bond Destinations.


Grand Hotel Pupp, Czech Republic

Some of the most dramatic scenes including the poker game scene were shot here for the movie “Casino Royale”

A secret agent is required to travel all over world for his missions, and so is the case with Agent 007. Only thing, Bond arrives his destination in Style and resides in Luxury; and so is when the Grand Hotel Pupp of Czech Republic chosen as his extravagant habitat in the 2006 Movie-Casino Royale. The Grand Hotel Pupp is a magnificence in itself with 228 rooms in its Neo Baroque architecture, set up in the 1701 and attracting patrons ever since. It is also the place to host the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and is one resort that brings you the flavor of both Vintage and Modern. Named as Hotel Splendide in Montenegro in the Movie, this is one place of architectural wonder and Bond memory.


Pyramid Complex, Giza

Featured in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me, the Pyramids of Giza are now the oldest setting of the Bond movieverse.

As the only surviving ancient wonder in the world, and also the only man made structure visible from outer space, the Pyramids of Giza have been inspiring awe among man-kind for over centuries now. Set in the Egyptian Desert, the vast stone structures have been attributed to geometric and architectural wonder since times immemorial. Chosen as destinations and for backdrops in numerous movies across the world, the Pyramids became a Bond Destination in the 1977 Bond Movie-The Spy who Loved Me. As words have always failed to describe the magnificence of the Pyramids, planning a trip to Giza can be the most exciting and thrilling travel experiences.


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