Most Fun Places to Travel in 2020 by month!

  • 18 December 2019

The New Year is almost around the corner, and each one of us is excited about our much-awaited vacation destinations for 2020. Looking at the year ahead with a major focus on events, attractions, and activities every month of the forthcoming year, we have come up with the best vacation destinations for you month by month. Each destination offers one of its kind experiences and inspires the travel enthusiast in you to the hilt.


So read on to find out the top travel destinations that you should be looking at for the year ahead!


Rejoice in the grandeur of the tropical land of the Philippines in January

Embrace some of the most culturally rich festivals in the Philippines in January with the opening mass for Santo Niño -the infant Jesus. Soak in the celebration in Kalibo, Aklan, that goes on for an entire week and celebrate the Christian festival with fun and frolic.


Soak in the fascinating and ancient traditions of Laos in February

Experience an enchanting festival in Laos revolving around the Theravada Buddhist religion in February. Some of the main festivals associated with the agricultural seasons of Laos include the famous Wat Phou Festival.


Revel in the festivities, music and cultural diversity of New Orleans in March

The month of March makes for an ideal time of the year to enjoy world-renowned festivals in New Orleans, such as Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and Buku arts and music festival. This is the time to experience New Orleans minus the huge crowd.


Embrace the quintessential spring season of Netherlands in April

The city of Amsterdam is in full bloom in April when the tulips begin to blossom, adding to the city’s allure and natural beauty. Explore Keukenhof, the most extensive flower garden in Europe, offering a wide array of flower species in April.


Entertainment galore in France during May

Come May, and the French Riviera plays host to the world-renowned Cannes International Film Festival that brings in hundreds of filmmakers and actors. You’ll also get an opportunity to explore some of the top museums in Paris for free such as The Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and The Palais de la Découverte, to name a few.


Explore the scenic and magnificent Iceland in June

From enjoying some exciting festivals including Reykjavík Arts Festival, Icelandic National Day, Secret Solstice Festival, and Viking Festival Hafnarfjörður to relaxing in amazing natural hot springs like the world-famous Blue Lagoon, and from capturing the midnight sun to climbing Mount Esja in Reykjavík, you can explore Iceland in its full glory in June.


Bask in the pristine wilderness of magnificent Alaska in July

Alaska in July offers endless opportunities for excitement and adventure as most of the trails become accessible, and visitors can explore Alaska’s wildlife and glaciers during this time. Denali National Park and Kenai Fjords National Park, home to North America’s loftiest mountains, endowed with million acres of broad river valleys, tundra, pristine glaciers, and high alpine ranges, offer some of the most spectacular sightseeing during July.


Get a kick out of Romania’s architectural marvels and world-famous castles in August

Best known for its much renowned Transylvania region, Romania in August offers a pulsating art scene, unique landscapes, picturesque castles, and a wide variety of music festivals including Summer Well, Untold, and the Dava Festival. Bran Castle is one of the most talked-about Romanian landmarks and is also referred to as Dracula’s castle with its red-tiled roof and numerous irregular shaped turrets.


Marvel at the historically significant island of Sicily in September

Blessed with a pleasing weather, september makes for an ideal time to visit Sicily's plenty of intriguing archaeological sites, cathedrals with Eastern Byzantine forms and numerous archipelagos and islets. The Valley of Temples in Agrigento, Church Mosaics in Palermo, Mount Etna, Aeolian Islands, and Cefalù Cathedral along with many exciting festivals such as Festival del Cinema di Frontiera, Le Vie dei Tesori, and ViniMilo will make your vacation in Sicily during September the most remarkable one.


Get fully immersed in the age-old Korean culture and history in October


Witness the cherry blossom transforming into crimson autumn leaves or explore the colorful pagodas brimming with tradition and a rich heritage in its full splendor in South Korea during October. Seoul International Fireworks Festival is also something not to be missed while you happen to visit the country in October.


Luxuriate in the pulsating Latino life of Cancun in November

Enjoy the golden sandy beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and an eclectic nightlife while in Cancun in the month of November. Brimming with culture and rich history, the city of Cancun comes alive after the sunset, drawing visitors from all over to party until dawn.


Get an adrenaline rush with spectacular landscapes of Argentina in December

With a wide gamut of intriguing landscapes in December, including waterfalls and deserts in the north, glacial regions in the south, as well as mountains, beaches, lakes, and wine valleys at the center, Argentina in December offers a lot to keep you enthralled. Challenging multi-day trek such as the Huemul Circuit with spectacular vistas including Viedma Glacier and participating in Buenos Aires Jazz Festival should not be missed if you happen to visit the country in December.

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