Make your long haul flights more comfortable with these tips

  • 31 May 2019

Long haul flights are exhausting! But at the same time, they are exciting too. They take you from one part of the globe to another. And since it doesn’t always happen that you head to a place far from your home, to a different state, county or content; why complain about the inevitable long hours that are required to land in your dream destination? Rather, follow our tried and true tips that’ll get you through your flight without draining you of energy.

Pack smart


Never pack your luggage at the last minute. In fact, this is something that needs planning and should be done days before the travel date. Allow yourself some luxury of time to decide what goes in your cabin luggage and what stays out. While you may be tempted to carry a few little extras, we recommend you to keep your bag travel-sized so that it fits into the overhead bin. Also, bring a personal bag that you can keep by your feet or in the bin.


Select a good seat


Done with your flight reservation? Now, make sure you choose a good seat as per your preference. If you are tall and require more legroom, book a seat in the exit row. Select an aisle seat if you like to move about in the plane. And if you want to sleep during most of your flight, choose a seat in one of the back rows as travelers with kids prefer the front of the plane. You wouldn’t like to be stuck in an uncomfortable seat for ten hours or more. So go online as soon as the check-in window opens.


Get some sleep onboard


Getting a sound sleep in a plane is tough but it’s absolutely doable with some pre-flight preparations. Just bring along a few flight essentials. Although many airlines offer basic amenity kits, it's recommended to carry eye masks, ear plugs and travel pillows. Check if the airline you are traveling with offers toiletries, if not slip in a tiny toothpaste and toothbrush in your carry on.


Wear comfortable clothes


Keep your jewelry in the carry-on, avoid flip flops as well as shoes that are too snug, and wear clothes you feel comfortable in for 10 plus hours. While you are going to be in flight for an entire day or night, doesn’t mean you shouldn't look your best. Carry a scarf or hat and wear several loose layers that will also protect you if it’s too cold in the plane.


Stay hydrated


It may be very dry inside an aircraft and cause you dehydration. Don’t let the unfavorable situation affect your skin and drink as much water as possible. Avoid tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. You must also carry with you moisturizers, lip balm and under eye cream.

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