Leaving for winter Vacation? Here are 10 Skincare Tips to look wow on the go

  • 04 January 2019

With snow-covered mountain landscapes, picturesque cityscapes, and azure beaches, winter is always a magical time to enjoy a vacation. However, winter travel brings a whole new set of considerations for a traveler. One that is often overlooked is skin care, as winter is the time of year when our skin can suffer from cracking, flaking and dryness which can often become worse when we travel to colder climates.

Whether frolicking on the powdery ski slopes of Verbier or basking in the sun on Polynesian beaches, changing climates can wreak havoc on your skin which calls for a little extra care during winters. However, with the right choice of skincare items, and a bit of makeup, anyone can achieve radiant and supple skin on the go.

Here are our winter skin care tips for you to look more stylish and refreshed throughout your winter sojourns.


Drink Water, lots of it!


Hydrating your skin from inside out and drinking lots of water is one of the keys to maintaining beautiful skin during your winter vacation.


Make Sunblock Your Bae


Even on wintry, overcast days, sunblock is essential as UV rays are still capable of causing damage to your skin through cloud cover. Make sure you apply sunscreen before going out, clouds or no.


Get Moisturized


Switch your regular summer moisturizer with something winter appropriate with richer moisturizers or natural oils that can help your skin glow in the gloomiest of the climates. Also, avoid chapped Lips by using a strong lip balm. When taking care of your face, don’t forget about your hands, legs, and feet as those are the areas which are usually more prone to cracking. Apply a good body oil or lotion and protect those areas with gloves and socks.


Layer Skincare in the Right Way


Layering the skincare essentials appropriately is the key to achieving great skin in wintertime. Always apply products with a thinner consistency and concentrated treatments such as serums first and follow it up with the moisturizer and sunscreen.


Invest in good sheet masks


To give your skin a quick rejuvenation after a long day out in the cold, you can never go wrong with sheet masks. These face shaped masks soaked in nutrition-packed serum are a great option to revitalize your skin in no time.


Carry a Cleanser in your bag


One of your essentials should always be a gentle cleanser which will efficiently wash away residual dirt and makeup without stripping your skin’s essential moisture.


Get a Travel Kit


Invest in travel-friendly mini-kit with sample size containers which are easy to carry in Ziploc bags to eliminate the hassle of leakage and packing an array of various skincare products.


Eat Healthy Wherever You Go


Even if you are on vacation, that’s no excuse to compromise on your eating habits. Always choose a healthier diet to nourish your skin and body throughout your stay. Fruits and Nuts are best snacks to munch on while on the go to maintain healthy skin.


Keep wrapped up and wear Sunglasses


Avoid going out without wearing a scarf that gives good coverage over your face and neck to protect your skin from harsh windburn. Sunglasses are always essential accessories to carry as they protect both your eyes and the area around your eyes from harsh sun rays and breezes.


Go for a minimalistic makeup look to flaunt a naturally blushing skin


Keeping your make up minimal will not only keep your skin radiant for longer, but it will also give you an advantage when packing, in addition to protecting your skin from absorbing more impurities. To create an even tone, always carry a BB or a Tinted sunscreen and wear a nice nude moisturizer-rich lip color with a dash of the same color on your cheeks to look rosy all the time. Also, don’t forget to apply some mascara or a thin line of eyeliner to make heads turn.


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