Is Detroit Hip Hop Scene worth Booking a Cheap flight to Detroit?

  • 02 October 2018

The Motor City has a long and storied history from a vibrant industrial hub, to a burned-out shell of itself, and now it is on the rise again. Detroit’s hip-hop history is as storied as the city itself. The hip-hop artists from the city are famous for lyrics that utilize urban realism and have built fanbases the world over. Some of the brightest stars of hip hop, names like Eminem, Danny Brown, Black Milk, and Big Sean, hail from Detroit and the city continues to produce local underground artists and aspiring rappers who promise to keep the city’s hip-hop culture going strong. The city is dotted with venues that host huge gatherings of hip-hop fans to hear the latest up-and-comers.

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Underground Hip-hop Awards

Detroit’s Underground Hip-hop Awards are a chance to celebrate one of the world’s best hip-hop scenes. The annual awards ceremony is held every year in January and recognizes rappers, hip-hop DJs, and club promoters for their contributions to the city’s music scene and features a host of action-packed performances.

Urban Fêtes presents: SILENT "TRAP" PARTY DETROIT

Urban Fêtes silent parties are a new trend among music lovers. Silent Parties are concerts where everyone in attendance is wearing headphones rather than listening to the music out loud. A pair of Urban Fetes wireless headphones will enable you to adjust the volume and select from the three live DJs spinning Trap hits, old school and new hip-hop, R&B, and House. The headsets light up in three colors, blue, green, and red, each for the different DJs that are spinning. Concert goes can find people listening to the same DJ and dance the night away!

2018 Grind-It-Out Tour (East Coast Edition)

Detroit is going to be the first stop of the 2018 Grind-It-Out Tour (East Coast Edition), followed by Columbus, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Charleston. The event features Tone The Manager, C-Knight from The Dove Shack, Dubb Santora, Stretch Money, Yung Bukum, Santino Corleon, Icy White, Player Mike, TZ, Aceoneyoda, Trav, Tee Swerv.

Saint Andrew's Hall

Both a concert venue and historic attraction, Saint Andrew's Hall is among the legendary spots for the hip-hop artists and fans in Detroit. The place consists of three unique event spaces - the Ballroom, the Burns Room, and the Shelter – that can each accommodate hundreds of people. Many notable musicians, including Jake Miller, Slum Village, John Legend, Meek Mill, and MellowHigh have performed at Saint Andrew's Hall.

Leland City Club

The prestigious nightclub in Downtown Detroit is an oasis for hipsters. The faintly lit walls covered in graffiti will lead you to a large open room full of hip-hop fans, with live DJs spinning techno, EDM, and other genres. Light sticks and glow gear are commonplace for clubgoers, creating a beautiful scene when the club is at full tilt.


So, Is Detroit Hip Hop Scene worth Booking a Cheap flight to Detroit? Our answer is yes! Don’t miss a chance to Lose Yourself in the Hip-Hop scene in Motown!



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