How Hawaii is Preparing to Protect Its Beaches from Rising Water Levels

  • 03 May 2019

Hawaii has long been a paradise for beach lovers and shopaholics. Especially, the scenic white sand beaches, high-end boutiques, and upscale shopping centers at Waikiki Beach are parts of bucket lists of travelers from all around the globe. However, the rising water levels around its coasts are alarming.


Scientists, as per a report published in 2017 by the Hawaiʻi Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, are speculating that Waikiki Beach, the capital of Honolulu and many other coastal cities on the Hawaiian Islands may experience frequent tidal inundation in the next couple of decades. The tourism industry will be influenced and taxable real estate worth $5 billion may also be facing the threat of being drowned.

The grave situation is calling for immediate action to protect the coastlines. Hawaii’s state Senate and House of Representative are trying to pass legislation for protecting Waikiki Beach and the state’s coastlines from frequent floods. A program that includes a protective barrier and may cost about $4 million is proposed.

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