Here’s how Europe is all geared up to release travel impositions!

  • 11 August 2020

Most of the European nations are finally all set to reopen its internal borders on a phased basis after five months long shut down of the entry of non-EU and Schengen nationals across all EU nations.  As soon as the deceasing number of new infections started showing up, the EU started working towards reopening the borders. While most of the EU countries open their borders only to visitors from the Schenegen countries, some of the EU nations opened only to visitors hailing from 14 countries with lower rates of infection. Although regulations are subject to modification every 14 days depending on the rate of infection, no changed has yet being made.


Here’s the roundup of how major EU countries are reopening their borders.


United Kingdom rolled back its Covid -19 travel restrictions on the first week of July for 75 countries and British Overseas territories, however there’re few restrictions for visitors from the United States. All the visitors entering United Kingdom must self-quarantine for 14 days as per the guidelines set by the British Government, violation of the same might cost a massive fine of $1245.

Countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Netherlands and Portugal have opened their borders on June for visitors from all Schenegen countries and international borders for visitors from 14 non-EU nations. Italy is one of the first European countries to open its borders. However Italy has restricted its travel opening to only EU nations unlike many other European countries.  Also, proof of accommodation is required to submit to visit some of these countries.

Germany has opened its borders to visitors from EU nations on June 15. Besides the European countries they have also added eight non-E.U. countries to their list including, Australia and Canada. However visitors from the USA are still not allowed in the country.

Croatia doesn’t come under Schenegen countries and it has opened its borders to the USA on 1st July along with other nom-EU countries. Everyone visiting the country must show proof of hotel reservation and submit negative Covid-19 test result taken within the 48 hours of the arrival.

Turkey started opening its borders on June to almost all countries including the US. However, a weekend curfew has been imposed. Other countries including Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Malta and Poland has now opened borders to EU citizens and the eight EU designated safe countries.

Although most of these EU nations have released the travel impositions, it doesn’t mean that we can move freely around the region like the way we used to do in pre-corona time. Detailed inquiries need to be done and guidelines need to be followed before planning your much-awaited Europe vacation.

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