Here is What You Should Do When You Lose Your Passport Abroad

  • 19 March 2018

Losing your passport while on a trip can be a real hassle and one that throws you into a crazy fit of panic. But here us out, for we bring you the quick and must do tips to recover your lost Passport. Staying Calm is the first followed by the rest.


Contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate

The must do thing after losing your passport is to contact the Embassy or the Consulate and notify them of your lose. If you have been a victim to a crime, then do not forget to mention the same and be vocal about your plans of staying or leaving the country. This not only assures that you have made a report for your lose but also the Consulate can help you get a limited validity emergency passport or a full validity passport given to the circumstances.


Make a Police Report in case of Stolen Passport

Be sure to make a Police Report if your passport is stolen as it helps officials to check on the theft and learn more. However the reporting is not likely to speed up your process of getting a new passport.


Carry a new Passport Size Photo

It is always advisable to carry a new Passport Size Photo while heading to the Embassy as this will help speed up the process of getting a new Passport or the replacement Passport.


Fill out the Application for a New Passport

To speed up the process of getting a new Passport or the quick replacement Passport one has to fill out an application and present a statement regarding the loss or theft of the previous one. And there are standard application procedures that are to be followed when one reaches the embassy which is very useful and vital to invalidate your previous passport and prevent its misuse.


Documents you ought to carry for getting a new Passport

Along with procedures there are certain requirements for obtaining a new Passport. And the documents that one definitely has to present for the process are:

• A new Passport Size Photo

• An identification proof be it Driver’s License or anything similar

• A travel itinerary, such as your Airline Ticket

• Citizenship Evidence

• And Application for New Passport and Statement of the Stolen or lost Passport.


Be Ready for the Fee

Unless the loss of passport has occurred due to a disaster or for a serious crime, an application for a new passport will have charges. And the expected fare for a normal passport is $140 for the replacement. Also in case of non-affordability you can always refer to some acquaintance or family to pay the fee.


Hold on to your Patience

In case of an immediate travel plan travelers can get the emergency passport within a time span of 24 hours, while for the issue of a new passport the normal time period may vary from four to six weeks. Thus to get a new passport replacing the lost one, it is advisable to wait and keep patient.

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