Here is How Bereavement Flights Can Be a Savior For Mourning Travelers

  • 09 February 2019

A few things in life are inevitable – like the death of a relative or friend. Such situations impact our routine life and require us to take a flight to stand by those who may need us. But traveling at the last minute is usually very expensive. So what do we do in circumstances like that? We can look for cheap bereavement flights. These are discount fares offered to passengers flying due to the death of a loved one.

Here are a few things you should know if you are making travel arrangements at the last minute due to difficult family circumstances:


  • There are only a couple of airlines that offer bereavement flights. And to receive discount fares, you would be required to provide details of the deceased family member and funeral arrangements.
  • Ticket fares for bereavement flights vary in price. For such unexpected plans, you shall be flexible with your travel dates. You must be ready to take an early morning or late night flight to save more.
  • The airlines offering discount fares for difficult family circumstances may have some clauses such as your maximum stay shouldn’t be more than thirty days, and your departure date must be with a week or ten days from the time of booking. Consider reading their terms and conditions before continuing with reservations.
  • Bereavement flight fares can only be availed by calling an airline or OTA representative.
  • Airlines offering bereavement fares may not be serving many of the national and international routes. In that case, you can contact other airlines. Each airline has its way of handling requests for special arrangements. Let them know of the situation you have to travel in, and they can help you find the best options available.
  • Even before you start looking for a bereavement flight, it’s recommended that you perform a search on the internet for cheap last-minute flights and other deals and discounts. At times, last-minute flight deals may save you more than bereavement fares.
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