Hacks you should know to survive a Red Eye Flight!

  • 14 October 2019

The feeling of getting on a plane to visit a different country halfway across the world and waking up in somewhere new can be pretty magical, but surviving red-eye flights can be brutal as they are far from fun and there’s no alternative to it when you want to visit some exotic faraway places. Unless you’re a champion of the upright sleeper, there is no way you can cope with the adverse effects of red-eye flights. However, there are some tried and tested tips that can be a lifesaver when it comes to coping up with an overnight red-eye flight.

Read on to know the best hacks to survive a red-eye flight.


Don’t forget to pack your carry-on Items.

Carry-on items such as eye mask, inflatable neck pillow, and plug-ins are must while on a long-haul red eye flight. Eye Mask is a lifesaver for sleeping well in your overnight flight. Even if cabin lights are off, it is essential to wear an eye mask as it keeps your eyes stay shut which makes eyes relaxed and saves from unnecessary lights emanating from the gadgets even if you’re are not sleeping. Putting an eye mask will make you fall asleep quickly. Likewise, a neck pillow is a savior as it will stay your spine right, and help you sleep comfortably even in the upright position.


Dress Appropriately for a Red-Eye Flight


The temperature in a flight can be unpredictable. So be prepared for this by wearing clothes in layers so that you can stay comfy throughout your journey and remove one or two-layer when the need arises. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as it may deter your blood circulation. Wearing comfortable shoes and socks is also essential as bulky or uncomfortable shoes may ruin your whole experience. Staying comfy while on a flight can let you relax and give a good sleep during the odd-hour flights, which will eventually help you arrive well-rested and functional.


Limit your Screen Time


With entertainment galore onboard, it is tempting to catch up with a movie or two. However, too much time spent on the screen can make you feel dizzy on board, making an impact on your sleep. So restrict yourself from watching the screen for a long time and instead listen to some soothing music which can sway your mind to rest. 

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