Getting Started with Travel Photography? Here Are 10 Expert Tips Travel Photographers Swear By!

  • 08 March 2019

Photography is not only about capturing a good pictures and keep it just for memory’s sake, but it is much beyond that. It’s an art which is about telling the stories of cross boundaries, cultures and people. While everyone who possesses a smartphone with high camera resolution is a photographer in today’s Instagram world, there are some of the ace photographers who have created an impact with their photography? So, what is the secret that separates the genius from the crowd?

Here are top 10 photography rules one can take advantage of to bring life into a lifeless click and take their photography level closer to the clicks of the connoisseurs.


1) Early morning and evening shot, especially during the sun rise and sun set time offers the best natural light and add the magical glow to the picture, that’s why it’s often termed as the golden hours for the intense photography.
2) Research is important if a specific subject related photography is required. This is helpful especially if a photographer wish to capture some important occasion or specific natural event. A detailed research often helps to get the best shot in an expected manner.
3) Being sensitive toward the subject is one of the important rules which every photographer must follow. In case of a candid photography, creating a relationship with the subject helps to bring out the best in terms of emotions and authenticity.
4) Try to keep the picture as natural as possible, which means less use of flash unless and until there is a valid technical reason behind it. A natural photograph can do wonders beyond the expensive flashlights.
5) A well descriptive photograph adds on to the value, so a good photographer should practice the habit of taking a note of the place, the occasion or the subject. Nothing can be more disappointing then missing the information of a great photograph taken.
6) Technically speaking, good camera equipment is certainly vital for taking good shots, but at the end it’s only an instrument. What matters is the vision and thought process behind capturing a particular shot. A thoughtful creation has a power to speak louder than words.
7) In order to nurture the skills, one must spend time and effort to learn photography and also appreciate and learn from other photographer clan by visiting art galleries, or photography lectures.
8) A passionate photographer should not stop travelling. This does not always means going to the far flung areas but one can get a marvelous shot at a nearby local market or a festival celebration can be used as a backdrop to make a candid click. The aim should be to appreciate the things or moments around and bring the beauty and emotion out of it.
9) Being patient is one of the key factors to catch hold of the best possible shots. This is applicable especially if you are looking for a specific action or movement. Also, don’t hesitate to zoom in and out until you are satisfied with what you are seeing as it can help you notice something which can add value to your shot.

10) Never get contented with the very first frame your click. There is no harm in trying out a different angles or different lenses, which might offer you something much better than before. In photography field, even a fraction of a second can change the entire frame.


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