Forbes Report Reveals the Real “Fastest Airline” in the United States

  • 28 June 2019

The Department of Transportation data about the fastest airlines is flawed! If you are hoping for a zippy trip, don’t let the on-time rates airlines boast about deceive you.
Lately, Forbes collaborated with Aerospace Engineering and Research Associates (AERA) to find out the fastest airlines in the USA and the new numbers may surprise you.

The reports from Forbes states that carriers boast about their on-time rates to draw frequent business travelers and neutralize bumped and mistreated passengers and other PR disasters. The American business magazine also added that the statistics compiled by DOT since 1987 have major errors and one of them is forgiving standard, which is considering a flight on time if that lands within 15 minutes of its scheduled time.

To conclude what Forbes believes to be a more reliable number, AERA analysts documented the real block hours, the time between the actual moment of takeoff to the moment the cabin doors open at the arrival, for over 8 million flights last year.

AERA then assessed the shortest repeatable flight time on American routes with a minimum of ten flights per year and compared it to the average “block hour” for every airline operating flights on those routes.

Here is the final ranking for the fastest airline by Forbes -
1. Hawaiian Airlines
2. Southwest Airlines
3. Allegiant Air
4. Delta Air Lines
5. Spirit Airlines
6. JetBlue
7. Frontier Airlines
8. United Airlines
9. American Airlines
10. Alaska Airlines

The biggest surprise in the list is Alaska Airlines, which secured the last place on the list of 10 fastest airlines by Forbes. The carrier was ranked third by the on-time ratings of DOT. Also, Southwest, fifth on DOT’s list came second in Forbes’ ranking.

Forbes, however, added that Hawaiian Airline’s block hours may have been boosted by less disruptive weather on most of its routes. On the other hand, Alaska Airlines operates comparatively more flights in Alaska and is often hindered by the airports in the state where runaways are further from the gate than to many major airports in the country.

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