Florida – Beyond the Gorgeous Beaches and the Nightlife!

  • 13 March 2019

Florida is only about the gorgeous beaches and pulsating nightlife for those who have not got a chance to explore its diverse attractions. Packed with endless things to do which includes exploring its historical and cultural attractions, exotic gardens beaming with all shades of green or relishing its great culinary extravaganza, Florida has much more to offer than sun, sand, and beaches. Here are some of the best things to get indulged in Florida beyond visiting its stunning beaches.


Get drenched in the timeless charm of the St. Augustine Historic District

St. Augustine’s beautiful district lets you immerse in the timeless beauty through its antediluvian Spanish architecture and magnificent old art and culture scene. Famed for being the oldest city in the nation, St. Augustine is dotted with innumerable historical attraction such as the Pena-Peck House - one of the finest examples of first Spanish period homes, which is served as the residence of the Spanish Royal Treasurer Juan Esteban de Pena. A leisure walk across the Aviles Street-- the oldest public street in the USA is an experience in itself. And a 17th-century Spanish stone fortress --The Castillo de San Marcos with spectacular views of the St. Augustine Inlet is something which cannot be missed. The twirling lanes of this charming destination are bound to unfold some fascinating history in its every turn.


Dive into Florida’s vibrant art and culture scene

Florida is known for its rich and diverse art and cultural scenario. Art Basel in Miami Beach is one of the most significant art events drawing a huge number of artists and art lovers from all around the world. The three-day Coconut Grove Arts Festival held in February every year showcases a grand conglomeration of internationally acclaimed artists along with a delectable range of cuisines to savor. Enjoying a live concert ranging from jazz to classical or watching a Broadway Play in the popular Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota is worth experiencing while in Florida.


Savor Florida’s gastronomic delights in fascinating Food Festivals

Florida is well-known for its culinary delights, ranging from the Caribbean to Southern cuisines owing to the diverse cultural influence. Explore countless food festivals taking place in this state almost all around the year. Sarasota’s two-day Seafood and music festival offers excellent food along with some great music by Florida’s top bands. The Uncorked Food and Wine festival –a ten days food and wine celebration is surely a pleasure for those who have a fetish for fine wine and food. And if you wish to be a part of the world-class food extravaganza with the award-winning chefs, winemakers, and celebrities ruling the food world, then do not miss Florida’s spectacular–Palm Beach food and wine festival and get a taste of Florida’s exotic culinary scene.


Get infatuated with Florida’s lush green escapes

Home to an impressive range of lush green exotic gardens, Florida offers some excellent attraction for those who get solace amidst greenery. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is a paradise for the orchid lovers. This 15-acre garden, on Sarasota Bay, is the only garden in the world exclusively focused on the study of epiphytes, including many orchid species amounting to over 25000 types. Naples Botanical Garden, home to over 1,000 species in 170-acres of cultivated gardens displaying seven distinct natural habitats and ecosystems is an ultimate attraction for nature lovers. And a visit to the National Historic Landmark, Bok Tower Gardens in Florida is worth if you are a true admirer of nature. Sprawled across a lush, 250-acres and a 205-foot tall tower with carillon bells, this garden is captivating enough to sweep you out of your feet.

Don’t miss exploring these unique attractions in Florida whenever you visit next time. 

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