Drink As You Pedal: The Beer Bikes of Budapest

  • 18 March 2018

Situated by the River Danube, Budapest is political capital of Hungary. This city is a major travel destination visited by people from all across the globe. It is known for its historic legacy, cafes and bars, thermal baths and many other attractions. The city might be famous for a lot of things but it is also a hub for the beer lovers. Well then, have you heard about the Bike Beers or Pedal bars in Budapest?


For the past few years pedal bars or bike beers have garnered a lot of popularity in the city. These are basically a special kind of bike that can accommodate 4 to 18 people. However, the bike has to be pedaled by 10 people while others can rest and serve the beer. But of course, there is a high possibility of change in the role. And while you are on the go sip into chilled beer, listen to music of your choiceand explore the whole city of Budapest.

This is a very new concept and is being loved by the tourist for its uniqueness. In fact, it has turned out to be a great hit among the youngsters as it has become a great place to party and have fun. People are even hiring these bikes for stag or hen parties, company events or team building exercise.

The best part is that one can get the amazing draft beer here while riding around some of the iconic monuments of Budapest. The beer bikes or pedal bars are provided with sober drivers and on request for any party bartenders are also available. Some of the pedal bars provide Go Pro Action Cameras to record the whole journey through the city.

Even though these beer bikes are a great way to have fun, the riders are expected to abide by certain rules which include no littering, any kind of misbehavior and be seated and pedal. Moreover there are loo breaks too.

So, when in Budapest do not forget to take a ride in these crazy beer bikes and enjoy a party on the wheels.

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