Destinations with the most amazing sunset views

  • 03 January 2019

Whenever you watch the sun go down, you live that magical moment of being connected with the eternal bliss and grandeur that nature has to offer. There are a few places in the world that are blessed with exclusive spots where watching the sunset can be thrilling. Capturing this enchanting view from different parts of the world every time you travel is something that can be a signpost for all the trips you take over your lifetime. Here are some mystical places across the globe for watching the sun go down.


Canary Islands, Spain


Irresistible confluence of colors in the sky makes for a breathtakingly beautiful sunset view

Varanasi, India


Watching the sun go down by the Ganges offers a pure and a tranquil feeling amidst all the hubbub around this sacred river

Santorini Island, Greece


Santorini Island: Crimson lights during the sunset just above the Aegean Sea create a blissful and romantic aura. 

Venice, Italy


The sunset view from the Grand Canal in Venice gets even more magical when seen from one of the many colorful gondolas.

Lisbon, Portugal


The dramatic sunset view from the city’s pastel-hued buildings oozes old-world European charm

Scottsdale, Arizona


The panoramic views of rock formations and hills in the Arizona desert have inspired artists and writers the world over for centuries.

Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, Iceland


The sun going down over lush meadows along with gushing waterfalls makes for a positively scintillating sight. 

Bagan, Myanmar


The holy Buddhist shrines and lofty mountain peaks replete with green plains lend a soulful touch to the sunsets in Bagan.

Maasai Mara, Kenya


Looking at the sunset in southwestern Kenya gets all the more wild when coupled with a Safari Jeep and wildebeest herds traversing the grassy plain landscapes.

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