China Warns Airlines Around The World To Comply With It’s Political Views

  • 03 May 2018

China is demanding all the foreign airlines flying to China to not call Taiwan as a different country. Taiwan is the most sensitive regional issue of China and China regards it as its province. China’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has written letters to major international airlines such as American Airlines, Qantas and United Airlines to comply with its political views and has warned to refer them to cyber-security authorities if the changes are not made. Delta Air Lines, on the other hand, has received a letter from CAA demanding a public apology for listing Taiwan and Tibet as countries.

China has requested all the foreign airlines to mention Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as its Administrative regions and not abiding by China’s laws in regards to its territories can have serious financial aftermaths. To showcase how stern China is about its political views, it has made Marriott close down its app for a week in January, 2018 and has constrained The Dominic Republic to withdraw their alliance with Taiwan.

China wants to make sure that Taiwan doesn’t get global recognition and it continues controlling the democratic island.

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