Cheap One Way Flights Exist – Here is How You Can Find Them

  • 29 January 2019

Finding a cheap flight can be the biggest challenge you may face when planning a vacation. The task can be even more daunting if you are not sure of your return date. Since most airlines want you to fly both the legs with them, they deliberately publish expensive one-way airline tickets. So is it possible to score cheap one-way flight tickets? Yes, it is! There are still some tricks that can help you snag low-cost fares even if you are flying on a one-way ticket.

Fly with LCCs and ULCCs

Believe it or not, budget airlines have changed the airline industry. They aren’t always the cheapest options, but if you do your calculation right, you can save some serious money on airfares. Mostly, LCCs and ULCCs charge for every service that the passengers avail. Extra baggage, seat allocation, and many other amenities may be chargeable. So you pack right and light, take only necessary services, and you can get a one-way flight in your budget.

Fly out from a large airport

Recent researches of the market show that flying out from major air hubs can be a lot cheaper than taking off from a small airport. And the reason is that many of the smaller airports are not served by budget airlines. So if you have Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco International, John F. Kennedy International, or any other popular and busy airport within a short drive, book your flights from there and you may get cheap one-way airline tickets.

Check if you qualify for any discount

The airline industry is incorporating various changes and many of the discounts have been scrapped. But there are still some airlines that offer discounts to students, military personnel, and people traveling in groups. Scoop out any cut in the fare that you can. Furthermore, there are membership-based discounts and credit cards offering cash backs and other offers to their members. Check with your credit card providers and see if you can save some money.

Stalk your favorite airlines and OTAs on social media platforms

This is no secret that social media is the new battleground of all the airlines and OTAs where they keep coming with intriguing advertisements to lure more customers. And they know that nothing can impress a bargain hunter more than an amazing discount. Thus, they very often publish lucrative deals and offers on their social media pages. You can simply follow some flight booking platforms and airlines and pay attention whenever they show up in your news feed.

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