Burning Man announced new measures to abolish Ultra-luxury Campers and Influencers

  • 20 February 2019

Burning Man, one of the most famous fiesta and a haven for hippies, techno ravers and art buffs, have decided to do some “cultural course correcting” by disinviting some high-profile and affluent groups from the week-long event, as announced by Marian Goodell, CEO of the non-profit Burning Man Project on Burning Man Website. In the wake of many past complaints made by some of the Burners from the last couple of years about how some elite participants have been violating the principles by not being in line with the roots of the event, the stern decision has been taken.

Goodell further added that some of the influencers, models and other rich Burners had violated the principles by turning the event into an opportunity to sell products or brands. She pointed out that Burning Man, also known Black Rock City, is an anti-consumer social experiment, and the luxury camps who visit the event to commodify the experience by selling “all-inclusive” packages and benefits are disinvited. A dozen of camps including Camp Humano have already been sent warnings in order to protect the spirit of the community. The CEO also announced that they have changed the ticket pricing system as well with a ten percent increase in the number of tickets allocated to Directed Group Sales to boost meaningful participation.

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