All Nippon Airways Hoping to Create Greener Fuel Choice with Rabbit Poo

  • 25 June 2019

The airline industry is seeking new fuel options to make air travel pollution free. Scientists are considering different materials, mostly discarded, to create biofuel. Japanese airline All Nippon Airways, partnered with LanzaTech seems to have found a greener fuel choice using rabbit poo. Scientists have discovered that rabbit poo has enzymes that help to convert recycled emissions, such as from steel plants, into ethanol, which can be developed into fuel to be used by the airline industry. All Nippon is hoping to introduce this almost pollution free fuel choice by 2021.

The said sustainable fuel will be used with existing fossil fuel in equal proportion.
ANA has scheduled a test run this autumn and hopes to incorporate the new fuel option by 2021.

The executive vice president of All Nippon has said that this advanced fuel would reduce CO2 emissions and help the airline meet its development goals.

The airline industry is trying to find new fuel options with intent to curtail CO2 emissions and make air travel pollution free and make air travel pollution free. International Air Transport Association (IATA), in 2017, claimed that air travel’s contribution in man-made CO2 emissions is less than 2 percent but many believe it’s more than that and the flyers is going to increase that may worsen the condition.

Airlines across the globe are becoming increasingly attentive of their emissions and focusing more on using new fuel choices. Recently, KLM has also announced including new Flying V planes that consume 20 percent less full in their fleet. Also, NASA is planning to create all-electric planes that will be powered by hydrogen fuel to curtail the use of aviation fuel.


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