A Hotel Without Walls and Roof But With a Killer View

  • 19 March 2018

The Null Stern founded in 2008 by brothers Frank and PatrikRiklin and business partner Daniel Charbonnier has been the talk of the town for every traveler to the Swiss Alps. Literally translating as “Zero Stars” in German the Null Stern is a one-of-a-kind hotel nestled in the beauty of the Alps at a sheer height of 6463 feet above the sea level. But what makes this Hotel unique and exciting is that it is not a room with an enclosure or a roof. It is rather a bed and the basic of the amenities set up in a sophisticated style right underneath the vast dome of sky. So literally staying at this hotel you would not require a window for a view as the enchanting Alps make for the interior décor.


Priced at 250 Swiss Francs per night, Null Stern brings to you amenities that include a bed, fresh linens, two side tables and a sky full of sparkling stars. Guests staying at the hotel would be assisted by a private butler to deliver the meals and breakfast in the morning. Also the nearest bathroom facility is located about 100 meters from the bed.


Stripping away the basic of amenities, the hoteliers believe that Null Stern brings to its guests the best connection with nature. And undoubtedly it does as the experience to sleep beneath starry skies with the mountains as your guard can only be described as magical. Also the lack of TV and other technical gadgets leave away the space for utmost relaxation and connection with oneself while on the trip. So, if you are planning to visit the Swiss Alps and look forward to having a never before experience, make your reservations at the Null Stern to experience wonderful time with nature.

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