8 splendidly beautiful remote places for your next vacation!

  • 08 April 2019

Are you tired of finding a place for yourself on the beach or does thousands of tourists photo bombing in front of your most desired scenic vista spoils your mood? If off-beat pretty places and secluded escapes sound like bliss to you, then you might want to put one of these secluded yet picturesque destinations in your travel list.


From stunning iceberg backdrops and desert oases to barren mountainous villages and idyllic tropical islands, here’s our round up of 8 less-trodden remote places for your next vacation.


Tristan da cunha, British Overseas Territory

After soaking in the beauty of this serene island, there’s a whole lot of wilderness to explore including crossing paths of Northern Rockhopper Penguins.


Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Immerse yourself into the splendid mix of wilderness and small town vibes adorned with colorful houses back dropped by world’s longest fjords.


Easter Island

Take this trip of a lifetime to discover the marvels of the massive Moai statues, the intriguing stone heads laid by an isolated civilization.


Upper Mustang, Nepal

Spend a week in the heritages, monasteries, sculptures and rich Nepalese culture amid the scenic mountainous dreamland of the ancient empire of Nepal.


Fakarava atoll, French Polynesia

Revel in ultimate diving, snorkeling and bird-watching experience in of the world’s largest lagoon and discover an underwater paradise filled with interesting creatures and the richest ecosystem


Siwa oasis, Egypt

Get bewitched by the rich life and cultural heritage of the Egypt’s most famous and beautiful oases amid the shady palms, sandy dunes, crystal clear springs and mud-brick hamlets.


Nubra Valley, India

Rejuvenate at the stunningly unique deep-cut Nubra River Valleys and green oasis villages encompassed by stark rock slopes amid arid mountains peppered with monasteries, orchards, and ruined palaces.


Supai Village, Arizona

Marvel at the beautiful sunrise in Havasu Falls near Supai Village in Arizona.

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