8 Simple Travel Hacks for business Travellers

  • 06 October 2018

Business Travels sometimes can be overwhelming. While this may appear thrilling from distance, but for those who need to travel frequently for business, it may become annoyance. May it be the packing anxiety, restlessness, the lost luggage on the airport or a terrible hotel room? If you are one amongst those frequent business, here are some of the simple yet best business travel hacks for you.

1.) Go Digital

Keep scanned copies of all your documents especially passport, ID card, hotel booking, any formal invitation (if you have). It’s better to keep a backup of the documents in digital format, so that you are never lost at the nick of time. If Possible, keep those documents in the cloud space such as google drive or iCloud, specifically when you are travelling to an unfamiliar destination.

2.) Choose Black and White

Become acquaintance with Blacks and whites. This combination never go wrong and can also save time to pick the finest outfit for your business meeting. If you are not too fond of black and white, then pick some neutral colours. These colours can be quickly mixed and matched and always make you look up to the minute.

3.) Pack your luggage light.

Try to keep the only necessary things, when on a business trip. For example, you may keep a single pair of shoe instead of carry many for everyday change. Avoid keeping “just-in-case” stuff and carry only “must have” things with you. This may also help you in fitting everything in your hand baggage (most of the airlines allow you to carry 7 KG of hand baggage) and safe time at the airport. If you are a frequent traveller then you can keep a separate bag with all your requisites, so as to avoid last minute hassles on the scheduled day of journey.

4.) Use those useless Grocery Bags

Carry a few grocery bags with you, which can help you in keeping the used cloths aside and eventually simplify your luggage handling.

5.) Carry a small First-aid kit.

Keep a small and handy first aid box containing Band-aids, pain killer, crocin, Dettol, cotton and aspirin – other than helping for your medical needs Aspirin can also help you in removing food stains from your super white shirt. Simply, crush some aspirin tablets, mix it water and make a paste. Smear it on the stains and leave for an hour and you are done.

6.) Sign up for a frequent flyer program

If you are one amongst those, who often need to fly, you may consider signing up for the frequent flyer program offered by the airlines. You would receive the mileage points on your travel that can be further redeemed in your next travel. This will help you in saving some bucks and sometimes, you may get the privilege of using business lounge of the airlines. In fact, many hotel chains also offer such loyalty programs that come handy if you travel regularly. Why pay more when you can take benefit of such sugary treats?

7.) Try Web-check-in

Web-check will help you in saving time of waiting the long queue at the airport. So, even if you are bit late in reaching the airport, you can skip the queue. Also, you get the opportunity to reserve the seat of your own choice.

8.) Use Google maps Offline

When you are travelling to an unfamiliar place, you can use the feature of offline areas on Google Maps efficiently. You can also save the screenshots, as you may face interruption of internet connectivity at some places.

So the next time plan a business trip, you know how you can save time, space and money.

About Jais – Jais is a Multi-passionate entrepreneur, compassionate, creative-writer, confident, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, an observer, a traveller on path to self-discovery. She is an avid traveller and a travel & lifestyle blogger. She loves to share her experiences with the readers. She blogs at http://www.getsethappy.com 

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