7 reasons why staying in a log cabin is more Environmental Friendly

  • 09 May 2019

Deep down every one of us wants to escape the hustles of buzzing city life and want freedom from the restrictions of the society, traffic, pollution, mortgage, and the 9-5 monotony. There are many ways to create your own freedom, but imagine getting away from it all and living the dream life! Living in a log cabin is one of the most viable choices if you fancy staying amid nature and tranquility. Whether you’re building it yourself or moving into an already built log cabin, you’ll be happy to find yourself in the heart of the great outdoors, just like our ancestors.


Here’re the seven reasons why you should also skip a conventional apartment and think about living in a log cabin instead.


A great escape from economic Imprisonment

A smaller log home can give you economic freedom and stress-free life as you don’t have to slog your butt-off to pay thousands of dollars’ worth of debt on home loans and mortgages. Building a log cabin is not only cheap as all the readily available natural materials can be used but it is also debt free as you can create one with less expensive materials and less labor charge which will save significantly on your overall budget. Also, you can avoid paying an increased utility bill as log cabins are very energy-efficient.


Log Cabin is a way of going green

With the natural resources depleting drastically by careless human consumption over the last decades, a log home will bring you one step closer to going green and contributing towards maintaining the natural ecological balance. With proper construction process and measures such as the thermal mass of a log wall, a tight sealant system, and high-quality roof insulation, windows and doors, a log home can be built in less energy than a typical home which will be of great help in reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint exponentially. Log cabins are way more environment-friendly as mortar, cement, and plaster are not used while building it like any other conventional houses. Also, buying timber from sustainability certified sources to build your cabin will also reduce your carbon footprint to a large extent. In addition to that, logs being completely renewable can be restored once the use is over and used for many other purposes.


Health and wellbeing guaranteed

One of the most incredible reasons to own a log cabin is the health benefits attached to it. Logs cabin is an ideal abode for a person suffering from environmental health issues like asthma and allergies as logs can balance the moisture changes in the air along with restraining the growth of bacteria inside.


Promotes mental wellbeing

Natural setting and serenity of a log cabin can have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing and improve our spirits. Also, the outdoor activities you can indulge in a natural setting surrounding your log home will not only make you and kids happier, but it will make you a better human being. With a lot of fun activities around, living in a log cabin feels like you are on a family vacation every day for the rest of your life.


Versatility and Style

Versatility is a key factor why log cabins look very stylish and stand out from a crowd. You can design a log cabin like anything as per your whim and fancies. From rustic, earthy styles to upscale sophistication or by combining various styles, you can be as creative as possible as there are endless opportunities to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind log cabin which is completely adapted to your needs.


Comfort and personal touch

Logs being the natural insulators can be extremely beneficial for cold climates as it will keep you warm even in extreme winter. On the contrary it will keep you cool in the scorching summers, depending on the type of logs you use. The comfort level a log cabin offers is matchless apart from connecting to our roots.


Bring you closer to the Mother Nature

Choosing to live in a log cabin is a feasible option as it gives us incredible opportunities to enjoy the bounties of nature. From rustic home decors to the wooden walls to the stone fireplace, from waking up to the stunning views of sunrise and sound of birds humming to enjoying stargazing, you can surround yourself with nature which will eventually help you reconnect with your loved ones by taking off all your worries and stresses.

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