7 Legit Reasons Why Visiting India this Winter Makes Sense!

  • 09 October 2019

Whether you’re an insatiable gastronome, an architecture lover, a spiritual person, or a culture vulture, India’s endless possibilities are bound to ignite the fires of your passion. Adorned with layers upon layers of history and being the home to all the major religions of the world, India is a place where religion, spirituality, and culture are intricately interweaved with everyday life making it the most distinctive country on earth. With so much diversity in everything ranging from landscapes to culture, from food to traditions, only a few countries in the world can match up to such sublime contradictions of colors, taste, sound, and culture.

Here’s a peek into the reasons why should you visit India this winter.


Satiate the Culture Vulture in you in Magnificent Jaipur!

Brimming with forts, palaces, temples, museums and bustling local bazaars, Jaipur or the Pink City’s pink hues embellished with a couple of UNESCO world Heritage Sites will surely leave you awestruck!


Unravel the Mystery of Life and Death in Varanasi!

Visit the City of Moksha and the oldest living city, and blown away by the sacred riverside ghats, yoga, music, food, blessings and ancient rituals from bathing in the Ganges to witnessing burning the bodies of dead in riverside.


Step back in Ancient India by visiting Hampi!

To see the brilliance of Indian architecture, visit Hampi which is the center of great construction, of numerous temples, monuments and palaces in beautiful blend of Indian and Islamic styles of architecture, known as the Indo-Saracenic style.


Immerse yourself in the fantasy of Himalayan Moonscape in Leh-Ladakh!

Take a drive through the scenic Leh and Ladakh and soak in the beauty of the Himalayas and the moonscape to your heart content.


Revel in the Glory of Grand Indian Architectures in Agra!

Be awed by the finest example of architectural grandeurs of the Mughal Empires including Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri and see what love looked like in old India.


Get a taste of India by visiting the revolutionizing gastronomic scene of Kolkata!

The eclectic culinary scene of the City of Joy featuring the smoked boneless hilsa with mustard paste, kasha mangsho, daab chingri, prawns cooked in malai curry, misht doi and roshogulla will make you fall in love.


Let your hair down in Goa!

When it comes to the nightlife, nothing beats the vibrant nightlife of Goa where you can enjoy the full moon beach parties till the wee hours of the morning.

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