6 Reasons why you should visit Madeira this winter!

  • 25 September 2019

Madeira’s shoreline is known for its mesmerizing sharp cliffs with rocky beaches offering uninterrupted and breathtaking views over the Atlantic. Located in the Atlantic Ocean and sharing the same latitude as South Africa, the island of Madeira is surely a traveler’s delight. Famed for its rich history and culture, extensive flora and fauna, stunning natural landscapes and not to forget its namesake wine and gastronomical delights make it one of the incredible destinations to explore.


Camara de Lobos

The scenic fishing town of the Madeira’s island is certainly a photographer’s delight adorning a charming historic center with multiple colorful boats all around.


Porto Moniz

The picturesque village of Porto Moniz adorning the volcanic cliffs overlooking the sea is a visual treat with its mystic rock formation and azure natural volcanic pools.



Funchal, the vibrant capital city of Madeira peppered with astonishing architecture, vibrant street art, impressive culinary scene and ocean adventure make for a perfect destination for all kinds of travelers.


Pico Ruivo peak

Pico Ruivo Peak promises to offer a delightful experience for the outdoor enthusiasts with umpteen opportunities for hiking and camping along with some incredible views of the surrounding.


Queimadas Forestry Park

Queimadas Forest Park will leave you awestruck with enchanting subtropical laurel flora and fauna.


Sao Vicente

The gigantic caves or lava tubes of Sao Vicente formed over 890,000 years ago as a result of volcanic eruption will offer you some of the best photographic shots.

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