5 Smart Tips to Reduce Your Travel Footprint

  • 20 February 2019

The steady increase in the carbon footprint levels has resulted in climate change and global warming. We as the citizens of the world have a collective responsibility to mitigate the impact of carbon emissions. This is particularly important while we are traveling. Green Travel can help reduce your travel footprint to a great extent while you set out on your travel escapades. You can bring about a positive change in the environment by making sure that you opt for Green Travel in a sustainable manner without missing out on all the fun and the memorable experiences.


Here are five useful tips to help reduce your travel footprint


Invest in reusable containers/ bottles

Familiarizing yourself with recycling processes will have a long-tern positive impact on the environment. Opt for reusable bottles and containers during travel instead of cans, plastic containers and plastic bottles. Reusable containers can be easily recycled thereby reducing the carbon footprint.


Shop from local businesses

Try to make your purchases from local businesses instead of big chains and multinational brands as much as possible. Look for local farmer’s markets and food cooperatives where you can buy freshly made produce. Spending at locally-owned businesses will not only help the community at large but will promote sustainable living while you enjoy traveling like a local.


Stay in green/ environment friendly hotels


It is always advisable to book accommodation in green or environmentally friendly hotels as these hotels follow the practice of green living which in turn benefits the environment. Look for hotels that serve locally farm produce, reuse linens when you stay for more than one night and incorporate the process of recycling and composting.


Make use of public transport

Utilizing public transport over a car is the most carbon efficient means of traveling. It is always better to check out the various public transport options available in the city you are traveling to. Riding a bike is yet another intelligent and a fun mode of transportation and makes for the greenest option possible.


Unplug all electronic gadgets when not in use

All electrical appliances and electronic gadgets should be unplugged when you are not using them and you will be able to do your bit to bring down the carbon footprint while you are traveling. Also, it makes sense to invest in gadgets which can be recharged by solar energy.

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