5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Europe This Winter!

  • 28 October 2019

Visiting Europe and the very idea of it is an exhilarating experience in itself. Most of us look forward to visiting Europe during summer and don’t even consider the idea of exploring the continent during the cold winter season. Europe, however, becomes all the more alluring during winter time as the peak summer rush is almost gone. There is heavy snow and days without sun in the polar north, interesting and cozy café culture in central Europe and constant sunshine in the Mediterranean belt. This makes visiting Europe during winter a pleasure in itself as the season offers colorful Christmas markets, fewer crowds, an opportunity to partake in winter sports in addition to searching for the northern lights making you feel awestruck. Winter time also allows you to relish warm mugs of mulled wine, hot cider and delicious hot chocolate which is sure to keep you warm as you embrace this amazing time of the year.

Here are five legit reasons why you must visit Europe this winter.


It is inexpensive and you get to save a lot

Christmas market in the Town Hall Square of Tallinn, Estonia

Visiting Europe during winters enables travelers to get hold of heavy discounts and low airfares. Travelers also get to save money on hotels, accommodation and vacation rentals and enjoy more options at better prices.


It is less crowded during this time of the year

Wooden chalets and ski slopes in the French Alps.

Although most of the European cities are popular round the year with tourists, it makes more sense to travel during the winter. This will help you avoid waiting and standing in long queues while you have an iconic historical monument all to yourself. Less number of people during the winter also means that you get to have more time to explore the grand cities and the charming countryside without getting pushed.


Festivities galore

Traditional Christmas market in the historic center of Frankfurt, Germany.

Come winter and Europe plays host to some of the world’s most alluring Christmas markets. Some types of food such as fondue, mulled wine, gingerbread, and tempting meat pies simply taste much better during winter season. You will find yourself getting soaked in the holiday mood as European cities including Vienna, Berlin and Paris are dazzling with colorful street decorations, interesting shows and musicals. There is also the Dublin International Film Festival, New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh, Valentine’s Day in Paris, Carnival in Venice and Nice and the Kiruna Snow Festival in addition to the nightclubs in Copenhagen, Budapest and Berlin that are sure to keep you warm while dancing the night away at affordable prices.  


Visual delight in a different avatar

The historic Hallstatt Town, Austria covered in snow.

There is certainly something special about visiting Europe during winter as you get to see the cities from a different perspective altogether. Interestingly no two places or cities feel the same when you visit them in winter and it actually feels as if you are exploring the entire place for the very first time. The fresh soft tumbling snowflakes, snowcapped mountain peaks and trees and castles make for some magical photographs which is only possible during winter time.


Get to interact with the locals

View of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto's Bell Tower, in Florence, Italy.

If you want to get away from the frenetic summer tourist rush and interact with the locals in Europe, then winter is just the perfect time of the year to do that. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, pubs that are full of locals and not tourists during winter. It definitely makes for an enriching and a rewarding experience to chat with the locals in their native language over an espresso, late night tapas or for that matter an aperitivo. You get to learn from their cultures and day to day lives which is the best way to widen your horizons in this huge world we live in helping you make the most of your international travel.

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