5 Reasons why you should take a red eye flight to save big!

  • 18 September 2019

Flights departing after 9 pm and landing in the early morning around 5 or 6 am are termed as Red Eye flights. The reason why it is referred to as ‘’Red Eye ‘’ is that usually the passengers walking out of these flights are expected to be sleepy and red-eyed owing to lack of sleep. However, for those passengers who can evade the sleep hassles and compromise on their sleep a bit can be benefited a lot out of these flights. Here are 5 reasons why you can opt for the red eye flights.


Red-Eye flights are cost-effective as compared to day flights

Red-Eye flights are often priced cheaper than the normal day-time flights as the majority of travelers opt for a convenient time to fly like morning, mid-day or early evening. This means that flight remains not fully occupied, and hence airfares are available at much lower prices.


Red-Eye flights offer time-saving experience with faster check-in

Due to fewer passengers, the entire check-in process starting from entering the airport, checking in and boarding the aircraft is comparatively quicker and smoother.


Most Red-Eye flights fly are not filled up to capacity

Because of flight remaining not completely occupied, there is a fair chance of getting the seats as per the choice, whether you like a window seat or prefer the aisle. It also means the passengers might get the luxury of enjoying the extra space for stretching out as the seat next to them may be empty.


Red-eye flights prove to be more luggage-friendly

Lesser number of passengers flying means more overhead bin space and fewer luggage in the cargo. This also means passengers can enjoy faster baggage claim without much hassle as compared to the usual rush hours.


Red-eye flight saves an entire day

One of the prominent reasons to opt for a red-eye flight is to save a complete day of work ahead. This is applicable for the business travelers as well as those who travel for a vacation to enjoy the extra day of vacation.


Red-Eye flights can be a blessing in disguise for those who can manage to doze off effortlessly while flying and walk out of the flight to start a fresh day without being tired and Red-eyed.

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