5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Travel Insurance Today

  • 07 September 2018

What would you do if your luggage, cash, and your passport go missing in a foreign land? This situation is definitely a traveler’s worst nightmare and can leave you stranded, and good for nothing. We all know the popular saying, “Prevention is better than cure”, and buying travel insurance before your vacation might be the most apt prevention for this formidable situation. Here are 5 instances which will make the travel insurance arrangements as your number one priority before you plan out your vacation.

Fraud Transactions

Fraudulent transactions can be a result of your credit/debit card being stolen on your vacation. It can leave you distraught knowing the fact that somebody is splurging your hard earned money recklessly. Under such unfortunate instances, your travel insurance will refund you the stolen money lost via misuse of payment cards for up to 12 hours before you first reported the incident.

Missing passport, baggage, or documents

Losing passport or your luggage can be a horrendous experience. Having valid travel insurance would help you a great deal in this grave situation. Travel insurance supports you by reimbursing the cost of acquiring new or a duplicate one. With regards to your missing belongings, the associated cost of your luggage will be compensated; while if your baggage gets delayed, the personal inconvenience caused will be taken into consideration and the subsequent reimbursement will be paid as soon as possible.

Abrupt Health problems

Meeting with an accident or falling sick can significantly impact your vacation experience. But medical these unfortunate circumstances can easily be dealt with the help of travel insurance. It facilitates the provision of getting instant medical attention, covers the cost of subsequent medicines and diagnostic tests, and in extreme cases, allows a close family member to reach out in-trouble family member. Dental treatment and causalities are also covered in your travel insurance, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without any hindrance. Cashless hospitalization is also an integral feature of travel insurance which makes it worthwhile to invest.

Cancellation or delay of Flight

Delay or Cancellation of flights has become a common thing these days. It might be due to an unprecedented natural calamity, fault of the airline, or even a personal problem. Having travel insurance can safeguard you from these probable events. You will be either refunded the amount or a part of the ticket price will be reimbursed to cover up your inconvenience.
This certainly comes in help if you fall sick in the last hours of the departure or even an unexpected, sudden death in the family. Under such circumstances, the ticket amount as well the hotel costs will be reimbursed after a thorough verification. Unplanned accommodation, including the food expenses are also covered under the insurance schemes.

Emergency medical evacuation

When a certain illness or a medical emergency requires your prompt transportation to the nearby hospital, travel insurance obliges to cover up the transport expense. However if you are already being treated in a hospital and you need to get back to your home country, the expenses incurred will also be reimbursed by your travel insurance.

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