5 Places in LA to go stargazing for your favorite celebrity

  • 22 March 2019

Want to spot your favorite actors walking randomly in shopping malls and restaurants? Come to L.A., the home of the United States’ film and television industry where you can eat, drink, shop and party among the Hollywood A-listers and other celebrities. There can be no better place for celebrity sightings than this star-studded city. However, you need to know where they hang out. Yes, just like us they also have favorite shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues. Here in this blog post, we have listed the top 5 places in Los Angeles where you are most likely to spot a few famous faces.

Catch LA


Paparazzi can always be seen waiting outside this newest outpost of the revered seafood restaurant that started in New York and became an immediate hit among the LA’s movie and television actors, as well as sportspersons and other elites. The likes of Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Kardashians, and David Beckham have been here multiple times. If you can get an entry into this high-end restaurant, you are more likely to see a few A-listers.


Dan Tana’s


This restaurant in West Hollywood boasts of a rather basic setting and serves primarily Italian food has been the favorite of celebrities since 1964. From steaks to salads to the wine list everything is exorbitant but you can consider that as a price to spot some famous actors, musicians, and writers. The list of stars spotted here includes Cameron Diaz, Elton John among and many others.




A multi-purpose venue in Downtown LA, STAPLES is another significant place in Los Angeles where you can see movie and television stars cheering for their favorite teams. You’ll have better chances of spotting some famous faces during live sports, especially in the second halves of the games. You can watch them walking to the VIP room and waving at fans.


Palisades Recreation Center


This recreation center in LA is situated close to the Beaches and mountains. Many beach houses nearby are owned by famous Hollywood stars like Adam Sandler, Taylor Ford, and many others. Locals and expats come here to meditate, exercise and relax as well as for celebrity sighting. It’s not very rare for famous people coming here with their families.


Brentwood Country Mart


You can head to this barn-themed shopping and dining venue in LA’s Brentwood district for some great coffee, food, and fresh produces. While you enjoy your time browsing through different stalls and shops at the mart, also keep an eye open for famous movie and television personalities for it is widely known for celebrity spotting as well.

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