5 Greenest Cities for Green Travelers to Visit in 2019

  • 26 February 2019

Whether a committed travel buff or a tourist, the more we are pulverized by the routine, the more we yearn for a relaxing travel escapade. With the increasing stress in our everyday life, escaping to nature has become incumbent. With so many of us seeking refuge from the grind of routine, sustainability and eco-friendly travel have become increasing popular. Many nature seekers might think that taking a city break will not fulfill their desire of having a relaxing vacation when they are not aware of the greenest cities around the world which proves otherwise and known for retaining the highest level of sustainable eco-tourism. These cities are highly successful in maintaining the vegetation by making large efforts with various initiatives including the preservation of ecological areas, improving the artificial green spaces and promoting the ideas of green travel.

Here’s our round up of world’s five greenest cities which all green travelers should include in their bucket list.


Stockholm, Sweden

With an aim to go fossil fuel-free by 2040, Stockholm has been leading the way in recycling, renewable energy, and organic food consumption for decades now, which makes it the first city to be awarded the European Green Capital Award in 2010 by the EU Commission. The beautiful Scandinavian city offers fascinating travel experiences with various measures including an interesting geothermal system at Stockholm's central station. Other noteworthy measures which every city can take a cue from the futuristic city are vintage fashion, car sharing, composting and low noise pollution.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark has been recognized as Europe’s greenest city consistently for the last couple of years. A haven for nature lovers where bike outnumber cars, is an ideal place for those who wish to travel green along with immersing themselves in green cityscape. With initiatives like green roofing, fully automatic buses apart from sustainable design and infrastructure, Copenhagen is one of the greenest futuristic cities worth exploring on earth.


Oslo, Norway

Norwegians are known for their sustainable way of living for decades now which can be well evident in its cities like Oslo. Oslo is one of the greenest cities in the world with measures such as eco-friendly neighborhoods, car-free travel, a series of deep geothermal wells that heat all the buildings in the winter and keep them cool in the summers. The city’s introduction of a 'Climate Budget' with the aim of being completely carbon neutral by 2050 resonates with why the European Commission has named the city as Europe's Green Capital for 2019.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Another city that aims to be completely fossil fuel free by 2050, is Reykjavik and it is one of the gorgeous cities luring visitors for its sustainable way of living to make sure it stays green forever. Reykjavik is one of the most desirable cities which have been known for successfully generating natural hydro and geothermal resources from its numerous waterfalls which contribute to almost 100% electricity consumption of Iceland, making the country world’s largest green energy producer.



Singapore is the only Asian city that makes it to the list of greenest cities in the world for its trailblazing innovation in sustainable way of living. The incredibly modern city is known for incorporating nature into architecture by building green roofs and designing buildings out of sustainable materials which save energy as well as water. Singapore’s green movement which includes measures such as highly efficient rainwater catching strategies, destination plants and reclaims of wastewater are some of the smartest measures that make it one of the fascinating cities to visit in the coming years.

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