5 Exotic and Unusual Christmas Getaway Destinations

  • 21 November 2018

Christmas is around the corner and this year you have decided to skip the traditional family gathering for an exotic, relaxing holiday away from home. While an impromptu vacation around Christmas can prove to be a grinch for your pocketbook, a little bit of research and destination planning on your part can help you get the prices. We have compiled a list of international destinations where you can have a Christmas to remember away from the crowds of typical Christmas getaway destinations without breaking the bank. Merry Christmas!

Goa, India

Wishing for anything but a White Christmas? Imagine a Christmas in the warmth of the tropical beaches in India’s beach paradise. The former Portuguese province of Goa gives ample opportunity to soak in the culture and enjoy a variety of daytime and night time activities. Apart from its alluring sandy shores, this world heritage site is known for its colorful places of worship, abundant wildlife and locally-produced cheap beer. So escape the winter cold and head to this tropical paradise that celebrates Christmas with its own unique flair.

Cape Town, South Africa

Africa’s southernmost tip is home to Cape Town, famous for its lovely natural surroundings that can hit visitors like a breath of fresh air. The crown-jewel of the Cape Floristic Region is blessed with multiple beaches and beautiful landmarks like the Table Mountains and Cape Point. The nearby Cape Winelands offer the most majestic scenery in South Africa, the region is studded with vineyards and mountains. The icing on the cake is Cape Town’s traditional Christmas celebrations that have the town buzzing with parades and Christmas carols.

Bora Bora

How about celebrating Christmas with a cold beer sitting outside your own thatched hut taking in crystal clear ocean waters stretching as far as the eye can see? The Volcanic Islands of Bora Bora in the Society Islands archipelago of French Polynesia are often thought of as some of the most exotic travel destinations on the planet. If you want to go outside-the-box for Christmas, it doesn’t get more outside than this. Go snorkeling surrounded by multicolor tropical fish, take amazing travel photos at Mount Otemanu or enjoy relaxing massages at the island’s luxurious resorts. Bora Bora’s Christmas experience will undoubtedly be the memory of a lifetime.

Bali, Indonesia

Want to spend Christmas in a picturesque location that is easy on your wallet? Bali is your #1 option. Indonesia’s prettiest islands will surround you with their pristine white beaches, light blue waters and the mild winter sun. Bali is the place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a lazy tropical Christmas.

Dubai, UAE

“Dubai is where the world is”, what better place to be for Christmas? Dubai offers some special desert adventures including eye-popping luxury, sunset camel rides, dune bashing and desert safaris. The best part is, you can find great deals during Christmas time with the country’s swankiest hotels and the national carrier Emirates airlines. For those who want a different kind of hustle and bustle for this Christmas, Dubai is the answer!

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