5 Essential Vacation Footwear That Blend Comfort and Style

  • 30 August 2018

Whether you travel for adventure, pleasure, business, relaxation or to meet family and friends, the first thing which strikes the mind after planning and booking the destination is the packing of the right stuff. Packing of appropriate clothing and proper footwear to match it up with the travel destination, the climatic condition and the kind of activities you would be indulging in are the top things you should consider while you fill your baggage. Blood blisters and tired heels caused by uncomfortable footwear is one of the most infuriating experiences that can spoil your vacation. The fundamental idea is to pick the right footwear for the right vacation type, as a trip can be a mix of adventure both sweet and sour, provided you are equipped apt to handle that. Whether you are shopping in the busy streets of New York, exploring the wildlife of the Serengeti, or simply relaxing at some Caribbean Beach, you should choose the right pair of footwear that blends comfort and style.

Here’s what you must keep in mind while packing your footwear, one of the essential accessories which can make or break your vacation mood, if not chosen wisely.

Walking Shoes, Trainers, and lightweight sneakers are Bae

If you are planning to roam around the city of your choice and looking forward to exploring it, then definitely you will be walking on the hard sidewalks, pavements of those busy roads and cobbled-street. Choose the walking shoes or trainers/sneakers, which will be an excellent choice for the lighter outdoor activities. Also, they are rightly cushioned, sturdy, lightweight, durable, breathable and most importantly, comfortable for those long days exploring a new city. Most importantly, sneakers and trainers look incredible with all sorts of fashion choices ranging from jeans, tights, and shorts to all sorts of dresses.

Hiking Shoes For those exciting backpacking trips

For those enthusiastic bag packers who love to hike through the rough trails or rugged terrain, a pair of sturdy yet comfortable hiking shoes is the right choice. They are sturdy, shielding, and aptly designed for those long excursions and equipped enough to encounter wet weather, as most hiking shoes are water-resistant. These are preferred for better ankle support and durability, combating the risk of an ankle injury in rough terrain.

Flaunt your colorful flip flops sandals for a perfect Beach vacation

For that long walk on the beach or an island hopping on a sunny day, go for an easy slip on pair of flip flops or sandals, as they are light weight, comfortable and can be packed easily without occupying much of your luggage space. You will simply love them because of their durability, comfort and good support.

Pack some classic warm weather pumps and strappy sandals

Versatility is the most important thing to consider while packing footwear for a summer destination as you need to consider choosing something which is suitable for dinner, beaches, and sightseeing as well as for pubs and clubs. Easy pumps and flat strappy sandals are the best picks which are sure to give you an effortlessly chic look. Whether you pair it up with a sundress, a pair of shorts or a sheath skirt- you’re set to stun any look.

Boot it up for all occasion

Most of our trips involve a little bit of everything, a combination of city, countryside, cobbled streets and natural wonders. A pair of classic low-cut or ankle boots can be matched with outfits for any season. Whether you want to wear a nice pair of denim or tights, or you want to twirl in a summery dress, low-cut boots look chic, and it is sure to give an edge to your look.

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