5 Drool worthy In-flight Meals To Take You on a Culinary Journey

  • 12 September 2018

Most flyers would not expect great meals at 30,000 feet unless they are shelling out big bucks for first-class. Not anymore, the usual jokes about mundane airplane food are getting harder to make these days. Many airlines have adopted a proactive approach and upgraded their in-flight menus according to the tastes of the modern day passenger, even in Economy Class. Here are some of the path-breaking in-flight meals from airlines that have upped their game to delight their patrons.

Destination inspired meals: Emirates

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Emirates is synonymous with luxury. The airline spares no expense when it comes to food even in economy class. The first class passengers are served sumptuous seven-course meal presented on fine bone china with exclusive cutlery. When it comes to the economy class, the cuisine is generally inspired by the destination you are flying to. Middle East passengers have the option of savoring the traditional Lamb Brochette with Arabic Spices or Grilled Chicken Breast with Caramelised Plum, South Asians with Asian braised beef cheek with wok fried rice noodles while the Europeans may have slices of smoked tuna served with marinated vegetable salad. Puddings, cheese, biscuits and chocolates are distributed generously on the Emirates flights in addition to the meal.

Chicken with mashed potatoes: Turkish Airlines

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Catering on the Turkish airline is handled by Do&Co, one of the most popular airline food caterers in the world that has upscale restaurants and cafes in world’s major cities. The Turkish Airlines customary meal is grilled chicken served with mashed potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables roasted with slight char. Your sweet cravings are satiated with chocolate mousse topped with generous amount of whipped cream with almonds sprinkled all over it. We are sure you would love the deliciousness dished out by Turkish Airlines with every in-flight meal.

Chicken Cobb Salad: American Airlines

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Forget your usual can of Pringles, there is a lot more to look forward to in terms of food when traveling with American Airlines. On flights longer than three hours, the local carrier serves a wide range of lip-smacking fresh food. The one that the flyers rate most highly is the chicken Cobb salad priced generously at $9.50. Thick slices of chicken breast with turkey bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, corn and bleu cheese adorned with ranch dressing on the side, and you have a mouth-watering proposition at hand.

Beef with Polenta braised in Red Wine: Air New Zealand

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The menu on Air-New Zealand is crafted by the airlines Executive Chef Peter Gordon, a celebrated chef who owns restaurants in Auckland and London. The main course offered on Air New Zealand’s economy class includes red wine fried beef with blue cheese polenta sprinkled with green beans. The sumptuous meal will surely make your long flights on Air New Zealand better.

Viennese Schnitzel: Austrian Airlines

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Another Airline which offers food prepared by Do&Co, Austrian Airlines is renowned for its menu of gourmet meals. The Viennese Schnitzel served with a chocolate mousse dessert is favorite of many passengers. If you need a caffeine kick, choose from 11 diverse forms of Austrian Meinl coffee. To top it all, the airline also has an on-board sommelier to suggest wine pairings for its business class passengers. This is one of the reasons that makes Austrian Airlines a favorite of Business Class Flyers.

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