5 Destinations To Throw An Amazing Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

  • 07 March 2018

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties are a must in the pre-wedding planning for it not only gives you the opportunity to go have fun with friends but also offer to let off some steam from all the planning before the big day. The fun can multiply if you party at the right place. In case you are still looking for that perfect destination to throw your buddy the perfect sendoff party, here are 5 destinations that will not fail to deliver.


Las Vegas

What can be a better place for a bachelorette Party than the party capital of the world? With cheap hotel fares and low cost of beer, Las Vegas is the archetypical bachelor party destination complete with larger than life casinos, nightclubs, gambling spots, golf clubs, and buffets. A perfect paradise, Vegas brings in the ultimate party vibe packed with drinks, parties, and gambling for groom-to-be and friends. And for the best bachelorette experience, Sin City has numerous destinations to enjoy the spa, shopping, fine dining and crazy fun with strippers. Also, being a grand party destination, the natives are warm and welcoming to tourists making it a safe getaway with visitors in the party mood.


San Diego

This city in Southern California is a perfect destination to go out partying with friends before getting hitched for life as it offers excitement and fun at an affordable and cheap cost. The average hotel price for two nights in San Diego is $251 while beer costs around $5 making it a great choice for the bachelor party. But don’t think that you are going to compromise on fun part because you aren’t shelling out a lot of money. A gorgeous beach with the warm California sun, rooftop bars with groovy DJs, eccentric nightlife and dance clubs along with fun and friendly locals makes San Diego an excellent city to throw your bachelor party. For a less party-loving crowd, travelers can also enjoy a relaxing tour of the brewery or simply catch a gorgeous tan by the beach.



This Texas City is affordable and fun with a plethora of party destinations and grand travel accommodations available all throughout. With hotel prices for two nights starting as low as $205, Dallas can be the top choice to go on a bachelorette/ bachelor trip if one is not interested in the party in Vegas Style. The nightlife of the city is wonderful and vibrant with a grand collection of a sports bar, comedy clubs, drinks bars, and night clubs. And that’s not it. Dallas is an oasis for food lovers too as boasts of several celebrity chef-owned food joints and restaurants that serve mouthwatering recipes. The safety index in the city is a commendable 62.22, which means it is a safe haven for pre-wedding parties.



The American city by the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a beauty with glinting skyscrapers, fast paced city life, amazing shopping malls and lively dance clubs that make it a grand destination to visit for your perfect bachelor/bachelorette party. The vibrant city which is also a great place to try out sampling at the microbrews or enjoy soulful music at the live music concerts welcomes tourists from across the world and has wonderful cheap accommodations for all. Also, this fun yet hospitable city has a good safety index of 59.54 that makes it a cool choice for the vibrant and lively bachelorette. The best part is that most of the cool party places in the city are located either in the Downtown district or comfortably close to it.


Myrtle Beach

An affordable alternate of Hawaiian beaches, Myrtle Beach is a great party destination by the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. Perfect for the little bit adventurous bride-to-be, groom-to-be, and friends, the gorgeous coastal city in addition to boasting of wonderful facilities for numerous water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, scuba diving and much more also features low-cost tourist accommodations and beer cafes. And in addition to the 60 mile stretch of stunning beaches, the city also has a celebrity-designed golf course and a fun amusement park that makes for great excitement and partying. Myrtle Beach also has a good safety index of 41.15 and is a cool choice for both bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Now, when you know where you can head to enjoy the last few days of your bachelorhood, get ready to make the most of it. You may be brimming with joy or biting your nails due to nervousness, but make sure that you book your accommodations and party venues well in advance to avoid last minute hiccups.

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