5 Celebrities Who Are Travel Ambassadors in Real Life

  • 04 May 2018

Traveling is a joy in itself and if combined with the interest of our favorite stars it just doubles the excitement. Be it from following the favorite rock band or the super hero movie cast, the fandom keeps an eye on their stars and when they start traveling it is more than an inspiration. And taking the cue various countries across the world are encouraging tourism with our beloved personalities as the ambassador. Here is a list of few.

Chris Hemsworth for Australia

Promoting their new Travel Campaign called “There’s Nothing Like Australia” in 2017, Australia is encouraging tourist to the continent nation with our beloved Thor aka Chris Hemsworth as the ambassador. From taking a look back to the actor’s growing up in the country to following up on all his favorite locations, the campaign is a massive encouragement for tourists and fans. The most exciting thing about the campaign is however following the star on Instagram and getting to see all the clicks from his exciting vacation.

Taylor Swift for New York

Taylor Swift had been chosen as New York’s official tourism and marketing ambassador ever since her hit single ‘Welcome To New York’ hit the charts. And the country singer who is actually of Pennsylvania origin took the opportunity with a smashing new promotional video that explains the essential NYC vocabulary making fans and tourists from across the world excited with frenzy.

Richard Gere and Jackie Chan for Indonesia

Inviting travelers from all over the world, Indonesia welcomed Hollywood heartthrob Richard Gere as the official travel ambassador in the year 2012, followed by Asian Super Star and Action Hero Jackie Chan for the same role in 2014. The nation which is known for its vast diversity, rich culture and ancient Buddhist traditions had encouraged both the stars to indulge in its super sundry lifestyle and always been an amazing travel destination. Also as a dedicated Buddhist Richard Gere’s trip to Indonesia had brought an amazing focus on the Buddhist Culture of the nation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Madrid

Hollywood Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger was named the official tourism ambassador of Madrid in 2014 following great excitement from fans and tourists across the world. The Terminator Man who had shot his film Conan the Barbarian around the Spanish Capital in 1980s was delighted to receive the inaugural ambassador honor.

PSY for South Korea

Following the massive hit of his single “Gangham Style”, Youtube sensation PSY made Gangham the most popular word searched online in the year 2013. This prompted the Travel authorities of South Korea to honor the artist with the prestige of being South Korea’s Travel Ambassador. The world star and the Rapping sensation loved the opportunity and since been has done a commendable job describing and highlighting South Korean traditions through his music videos and encouraging travelers from across the world.

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