5 Awesome Destinations to Treat Your Dad to a Vacation This Father’s Day

  • 11 June 2018

Are you looking forward to surprise your dad, this Father’s Day but, not sure how? Treat your dad with a travel adventure this time, the way he might have done for you when you were a kid. Here are few exquisite travel destinations which you can plan out for him keeping in mind about his passion, to fulfill that long lost dream or hidden desire which might have faded away somewhere while being busy raising you up all this while. The best gift to your father on this father’s day would be to fulfill that passion, your father might have always dreamt of. Wouldn’t you love to see the sparkle in his eyes and the contentment of accomplishing something which he is passionate about?

Hiking in Aspen, Colorado

If your father is an enthusiastic hiker, whose idea of relaxation is to walk down the beautiful trails, none other than Aspen in Colorado is the place one can think of. With a fascinating number of hiking trails in and around Aspen, like Hunter Creek Trail, Sunny side trail, Ute Trail, Aspen Mountain Summer Road offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails to gratify beginners as well as the experienced hikers. Besides the hiking adventure Aspen is worth visiting for its exquisite dining offerings too, so one can splurge into lip smacking culinary experience to add on to the vacation fun. Getting soaked in the mesmerizing landscapes will surely be the best gift you can give to your father.

San Diego, California for Art and Culture aficionados

For those dads who are intrigued with art and culture, San Diego is the perfect destination, swaggering more than 90 diverse museums and art districts namely San Diego Museum of arts, San Diego natural History museum and many more. There is an enthralling range of artistic works comprising of both contemporary and antiquated phases which is captivating enough for any spirited art enthusiasts. Besides the art world, one can also enjoy the long, seventy-five miles of incredible coastline offering beach activities from swimming to sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more for a more than perfect vacation experience.


For Golf enthusiasts San Antonio, Texas

One of the top most Golf destinations San Antonio, Texas has around a thousand golf courses to choose from which makes it an ideal destination for all those dads who are passionate about playing golf. San Antonio is known not only for the great courses, but also for the surrounding activities like the popular San Antonio River Walk which is a 15-mile beautiful walk along a charming canal and the pedestrian street, showcasing an essential part of the San Antonio experience and The historic fort Alamo, are both destinations that need to be on the must see list. A relaxing destination like San Antonio can be the best gift suggested for your dad, this father’s day.


Fly fishing in Boise, Idaho

If your dad loves fly-fishing, than Idaho is the perfect place to be. It’s also one of the best places in the US for tail water and dry fly fisheries. One can indulge in other interesting activities too, like horse riding, wildlife tours, nature walks, photography, and much more to add on to the vacation fun. If you want your dad to relive his passion and craze for fishing, than definitely think about offering this interesting travel destination, this father’s day.


Enjoy Skiing in Santa Fe, New Mexico

A trip to Santa Fe could be the fantastic idea if your father gets excited with the idea of skiing. Santa Fe is known to be one of the best American ski destinations offering ski slopes hidden amidst the mountains surrounding the city with elevations reaching as high as 10,000. One can enjoy stunning landscapes of the city and surrounding area, all while enjoying some healthy outdoor activity

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