5 Amazing Jobs to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

  • 06 March 2018

“All those who wander are not lost.”-J. R.R Tolkien.

These powerful words from the author of the super enchanting series of The Lord of the Rings, rings with the spirit of a traveler. The urge to foray into the unknown, the curiosity to venture to a new world and the hunger to explore one’s inquisitive mind-that is all that is about the Spirit of Traveling. And if you are someone with a burning desire to explore the world, here are 5 cool jobs to satisfy your wanderlust.



Ethnomusicologist is the study of music and culture and a bachelor degree in it can ensure you that you travel the world in search of true music, source of sound, and explore the knick knacks of audio recording and much more. It is a very creative study choice that comes in with a blend of skill and knowledge and is hugely associated with traveling to discover new music, culture, folk songs and even sounds of nature.



The pay for this job is not much, but the travel prospects with staying accommodations and meal facilities are ensured. At WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), people can get recruited to work as volunteers with farms across the world, in exchange of fooding and lodging for a set hours of work.



Working on a Cruise Ship

Taking up a job that not only pays you but also takes you along a trip in the oceans on a lavish cruise can not only be exciting but amazingly dream come true opportunity. And one does not need to be skillful sailor for that, but just possess a few handy skills in daily life.



Tour Guide

The profile of a tour guide is a very interesting travel job perfectly suited for an individual who understands the travelers’ spirit and possesses very good skills at communicating. The most prime need in a good tour guide is the ability to understand the aesthetics and significance of the destination that he talks about so that as a guide he can clearly and interestingly articulate the valuable information to his clients.



Freelance Writer and Photographer


This can be a dream come true opportunity for travelers who want to travel the world and at the same time share their travel stories with the world. A true fantastic job opportunity where working as a freelancer and as a traveler one can get paid for the travel stories posted or shared on a blog or the pictures taken from the journey. It is more like sharing your travel journal but with a wider crowd and then getting not only recognized but also paid for it. Freelance travel photography is another prime aspect that makes traveling not only cool but extremely adventurous, for it is through the picture and the snapshots that these artists can communicate their stories.



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